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Mountain Rescue

JS Travel Insurance provides cover for many extreme Sports and Activities and as such we provide Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance as well as Repatriation back to your home area as standard.

Especially if you are taking part in any Winter Sports, you should have this cover included as these types of sports such as Skiing or Snowboarding will require this cover.

With this cover you will have peace of mind, knowing that you will be rescued from the slopes and taken to a hospital or clinic for treatment.


We also have a provider that covers Search and Rescue as well as Mountain Rescue specifically and please contact us for a quote if this is something you require specifically.

Is some cases we will require you to take out extra cover for Search and Rescue such as with our Adventure policy.


3rd Party Evacuation Services

We often refer people to Global Rescue who can provide short term or annual plans for Search and Rescue worldwide for a relatively small premium.

There are some areas, where this cover is not available, such as Greenland.

The Greenland Government insist on you purchasing a Search and Rescue Insurance Policy separate from your Travel Insurance policy. The Government’s minimum charge is extremely high and is beyond normal cost of Search and Rescue which is provided through a Travel Insurance policy.

It is also advisable to have a tracking device (Transceiver) on you as well as other safety equipment such as shovels and probes, so that you can be found relatively quickly, by the Rescue team. This can be purchased through our website:

There are even with Global Rescue, some limitations and exclusions to the cover and you should read carefully their terms and conditions before purchasing a policy with them.


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