Students Studying Abroad Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

Students Travelling Abroad Many Students travelling abroad will not automatically be thinking¬† about Travel Insurance. However, it is important that a policy is in place before you start your adventure. GET A QUOTE ONLINE As you will be in a foreign country, much of the cover we can provide will help in situations that are Read more “Students Studying Abroad Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”

Charity Event Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

JS Travel Insurance has been providing Charity Event Insurance for many years and have insured individuals, students and groups for events such as Jailbreaks and Charity Rallies and many more events during the year. GET A QUOTE ONLINE Main Benefits of Charity Event Travel Insurance One of the main benefits of this policy is that Read more “Charity Event Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”

Misconceptions about Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

Misconceptions The Travel Insurance industry is shrouded in misconceptions. Given that Travel Insurance policies are often extensive and complex, most travelers don’t have the time to read through all the documentation provided. GET A QUOTE ONLINE That is why first issues in interaction with a travel insurance company usually arise only when something happens and Read more “Misconceptions about Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”