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Automatic Renewals

At JS Travel Insurance, we want to ensure that you are always fully covered and make life easier for you by automatically renewing your policies for you. This will mean no lapse on cover and you will not need to submit your order for a new policy.

All existing policy holders whose policy was or is due to be automatically renewed are sent two reminders via the post and email to the address we hold on their existing policy, advising them of the pending auto renewal upon expiry of their policy.

The letter and email are sent out 21 days prior to renewal to give you sufficient notice. JS Travel Insurance will send you a copy of the schedule of benefits and the Policy Summary with the letter.

We advise you of how you can cancel the auto renewal ahead of time.

For customers with pre existing medical conditions we cannot automatically renew your Policy: you will need to declare them again by calling 0800 047 5065 or 01273 773 017, or go to www.jsmedicalinsurance.co.uk to purchase a new policy online.

When we auto-renew your policy it may not be the same underwriter as the year before and the premium may have changed.

Please Note: If you do not want your policy to be auto renewed call us on 0800 047 5065 or 01273 773 017 or email us at support@jsinsurance.co.uk.