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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides Annual Multi Trip policies designed for those with travel plans, including multiple trips. It might be a city break, business trip or summer holiday, so you have one policy for 12 months. Trip duration up to 31 days Save money if you go on several holidays and trips a year

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JS Travel Insurance provides Annual Multi Trip policies designed for those with travel plans, including multiple trips. It might be a city break, business trip or summer holiday, so you have one policy for 12 months.

  • Trip duration up to 31 days
  • Save money if you go on several holidays and trips a year
  • Sports and Activities can be added to your policy
  • Winter Sports can be included
  • We will remind you to renew your Annual policy each year
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance provided

To contact us by telephone or email, 0800 043 0020 / 01273 092 757 support@jsinsurance.co.uk

Levels of Cover (per person)

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Emergency Medical and Repatriation* £5,000,000 £5,000,000 £5,000,000
Search and Rescue* £25,000 £50,000 £50,000
Personal Liability - £2,000,000 £2,000,000
Cancellation or Curtailment* - £3,000 £7,500
Personal Baggage* £500 £2,500 £3,500
Activity Equipment £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Valuables* £250 £250 £500
Loss of Passport* - £300 £500
Travel Delay - £300 £1,000
Trip Abandonment* - £3,000 £7,500
Missed Departure / Connection - £500 £500
Legal Expenses* - £25,000 £50,000

*Excess payables vary depending on the claim benefit.

Please read the Policy Wording for the complete list of Benefits.

Healix Insurance Services Ltd, on behalf of Hamilton Insurance DAC, arranges this Travel Insurance policy for Jade Stanley Ltd. Healix Insurance Ltd is registered in England and Wales under No. 5484190 and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under No. 437248. Hamilton Insurance DAC is registered in Ireland No. 484148, authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland, and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority in connection with their UK branch. Jade Stanley Ltd is registered in England and Wales under No. 03570857 and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under No. 306205.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance FAQs

1. When does it make sense to get an Annual Policy? 

If you travel more than twice per year, an Annual Multi-Trip Policy makes sense; this will cover you for 12 months, during which you can travel as many times as you like up to a maximum of 31 days at a time.

This will save you time searching for Single Trip Travel Insurance every time you travel, and it is more cost-effective.

2. If I have a Couple or Family Annual Multi-Trip policy, can the adults and children travel separately?

Yes, adults can travel independently of each other. If it is a family policy, the children must be with one of the insured adults. 

The children can also travel with another adult not named on the policy, but the adult must have a travel insurance policy.

3. How am I covered medically with this Annual Travel Insurance Policy?

In the case of a medical emergency, our annual travel insurance policies offer coverage for emergency medical and repatriation back to the UK of up to £5m.

​All of our policies come with a 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line. 

4. How many times can I go away on an Annual policy?

There are no restrictions on how many times you travel, and you do not need to tell us each time you travel. However, you must stay within the trip duration stated in your policy (31 days). 

5. What is the age limit on an Annual Multi-Trip policy?

The age limit for our JS Travel Insurance policies is 65 years of age. We can cover people over this age with other providers; contact us for a quote.

We can cover children annually without an adult on the policy, please. Contact us for a quote.

6. When should I start my Annual Multi-Trip policy?

There is no coverage in place until the policy starts. So, if you were to purchase a policy today and your start date is next month, then the policy is valid, but you do not have coverage for cancellation or any other benefits until the start date you have selected.

7. Is Winter Sports automatically covered on an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy?

On an annual multi-trip policy, individual trips are covered for a maximum of 31 days, so activities are limited to those 31 days per trip, including winter sports, provided you have selected winter sports in the quote process.

8. Do any sports or activities conform to the standard of this annual policy?

Yes, we have several Sports or Activities you can take part in with no extra premium; please see the list of activities below:

  • Beach Football
  • Beach Rugby
  • Bowls
  • Cricket
  • Cycling (Leisure)
  • Fishing Inland Waters 
  • Golf
  • Sailing inside territorial waters 
  • Scuba Diving up to 9 metres
  • Snorkelling 
  • Tennis

9. How many different types of Annual policies do you offer? 

We can cover several annual multi-trip policies for standard travel, sports or activities, winter sports, and those with pre-existing medical conditions, among other things

Please find out more in our Ten Types of Annual Policies.

10. Can my Annual Travel Insurance policy be upgraded during the term of the procedure? 

You can change your Annual policy by changing the geographical location from Europe to Worldwide, excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. 

This can be added if you plan on doing any particular sports or activities.

It would be best if you were in the UK when amending your policy.

11. Are all the benefits on this annual policy per person?

Yes, this Annual policy's travel insurance benefits are per person.

Please find the Levels of Cover at the top of this page or within the Policy Wording.

12. Will my Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy renew automatically?

No, the policy will not renew automatically. We will contact you before the renewal date and ask if you want to continue the policy for another year.

13. Can I get an Annual Multi-Trip policy for my child?

Yes, we can provide cover for a child or children. We can offer them many winter sports such as skiing and ski racing. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

Annual including Wintersports Cover

We can cover Winter Sports on an Annual Multi-Trip basis with unlimited winter sports cover. This will protect recreational Skiing and Snowboarding on-piste; you must select Winter Sports during the quote process.

Our Winter Sports cover includes Piste and Mountain Closure, Avalanche / Landslide Cover, and Unused Activity Packs. 

Annual including Sports and Activities, Cover

If you travel multiple times yearly for Sports and Activities, then an Annual Multi-Trip policy may be the better option.

We cover 400+ Sports and Activities for the sole purpose of your trip, meaning you have no restrictions on the number of days you can do them whilst you are away as long as you don't exceed the 31-day trip length days.

Benefits of an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy

If you travel frequently, there are many benefits to holding an Annual Multi-Trip policy for the year. 

Cover for 12 months: You will be covered for the year, giving you peace of mind that you can book as many holidays and trips as you like and have travel insurance cover for benefits such as Cancellation, Medical Emergency Assistance, and More. 

Sports and Activities: If you take out an Annual policy with a particular sports activity, there is no restriction on the amount of time you can do the sport or activity while you are away as long as you don't exceed your 31-day trip length days.

Convenience: Not only are you covered for 12 months, but it also saves you a lot of time, as you don't have to search for a policy every time you travel.

Cost Effective: It'll save you time and time.

Annual Multi-Trip including Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you will need to declare them.

If your pre-existing conditions change or you are diagnosed with a new medical condition during the year, you must contact us so we can amend your policy.

In some cases, an annual multi-trip policy might not be available due to the medical conditions declared. In this case, you should get a quote for a single-trip policy.


European ResidentsIf you live in a European or EEA country, we can offer coverage for an annual multi-trip policy. During the quote process, please select the country where you are an area resident.

We can also cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions if you are a Resident in a European country.