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JS Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

Who are we?

JS Travel Insurance is the trading name for Jade Stanley Ltd.

Jade Stanley Ltd was launched in September 1999. We were one of the first Travel Insurance companies online. The whole concept was to provide customers with instant cover as well as using the most up to date Internet Technology. We pride ourselves on a personal service and we hope to make the process as simple as possible.

Jade Stanley Ltd has now issued over 600,000 policies and many of these are repeat customers who are happy with the process of purchasing Travel Insurance online. We provide full details of each of the policies that we offer as well as a list of Sports and Activities that we can cover.

Why choose our Affiliate Program?

  1. High commission rates.
  2. High and consistent conversion rates.
  3. 90 day Cookie length.
  4. A number of Sports and Activities that we can cover.
  5. An Account Manager to assist and develop your Affiliate Account.

Our Products

Travel Insurance

We offer four levels of cover and we can provide a Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Longstay policies. We also provide cover for a comprehensive list of Sports and Activities, a full list of these can be found at: https://www.jsinsurance.co.uk/sports_and_activities.php

Here how it works

We will review your application. We will then send you an email with instructions as to how to add text and creative links to your website.

Someone visiting your website and sees the link to our website, they click on the link and it will then transfer the Customer to our website, www.jsinsurance.co.uk

The Customer can then purchase a policy, by completing the online booking form.

As long as the correct HTML code has been added to the text link or banner on your website, then the sale will be attributed to your Affiliate Account.

You can review your Affiliate Account at anytime and even invoice us at: https://www.jsinsurance.co.uk/affiliates/

Affiliate Guidelines

As an Affiliate of Jade Stanley Ltd, there are some obligations that we require you to take note of.

You should not have any discussion or communication with the Customer about Travel Insurance, other than the fact it is available. In particular, you should not:

  1. Sell the products or otherwise participate in the sales process for the Product.
  2. Give any advice on the Products to your Customers.
  3. Collect any payment for Travel Insurance or otherwise hold any money for insurance.
  4. Arrange the taking out of any Travel Insurance policy.
  5. Assist the Customer in the taking out of any Travel Insurance policy.
  6. Explain the Products in any way.
  7. Endorse or recommend the Products in any way.
  8. Discuss the Customer’s Travel Insurance needs in any way.

XML Travel Insurance from JS Travel Insurance

We can also provide an XML feed for Travel Insurance to our Affiliates. You will need to complete the application form below before you can use the XML feed.

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