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As well as having an Affiliate system we can provide an XMl feed for travel insurance to our partners who do larger volumes . The XML feed is where you set up a quote application yourself , once the user clicks for a quote after entering their details , the xml calls our server and returns a quote to your website . This means that you do not have to load all the rates , policy and cover data to your site as it is sent and updated from ours

What is XML ?

XML is Extensible MarkUp Language , it allows information to be processed on websites irrespective of the programming platform they are written and hosted in , be it asp , php , perl .net , windows or Unix

This is extremely popular with brokers and travel insurance comparison engines as it is easy to implement and the conversion percentage from quotes is much higher . The reason for this is once you come through to order you do not like a lot of comparison websites have to re-enter your quote .

Also much of your personal data is pre populated in the order fields as well which reduces time for the user as well as duplicate entries

The options to use our xml are

  1. To have a quote engine on your site which calls our quote and then goes through to our site to purchase
  2. You have the visitor add all their customer information before they get a quote and that way you have gained their data . Once they get a quote they can go through to our site to purchase and all the customer data is pre-populated in the order fields so the customer just has to make payment
  3. The entire quote and order is on your site and the sales is xmled to us once it has been completed .

We have xml feeds for the three main products together

  • Single Trip
  • Annual Travel Insurance
  • Backpacker/ long Stay Insurance

This means you can set up quote engines on different pages of your site with different products

We have a technical manual of over 40 pages which gives examples and is an easy step by setup guide to set it up on your site

Advantages of XML Travel Insurance

  • Host your own pages on your own website
  • Create more pages to your site by having a travel insurance section
  • Have the xml on more than one of your sites
  • Keep the look and feel and design of your site constant
  • No need to update any rates , cover etc
  • Back office facility to see sales in real time


We have a testing area where we can help with your integration , this is really useful should there be any problems during integration

See example of our xml below:

Single Trip

        <?xml version="1.0"?>

Should you wish to discuss implementing our XML feed onto your site , please contact us

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