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Backpacker Travel Insurance - JS Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides Backpacker policies for trips in Europe and Worldwide.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

This policy can provide cover for up to 2 years away from home and allows one trip back to your country during the term of cover. This is ideal if you wnat to come back to your home area for Christmas or another family event.

We can issue policies for Residents of the United Kingdom (and Channel Islands) as well as the Republic of Ireland.

What is the difference between a Single Trip and a Backpacker Travel Insurance policy?

Backpacker Travel Insurance covers those who wish to take an extended trip, this can last up to 2 years, idea if you are on a Working Visa to Australia for example.This type of Travel Insurance is different from an Annual Travel Insurance policy, as even if it does cover a 12 month period, there is a limit on the number of days covered per trip, which is usually 31 or 45 days per trip.

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What are the advantages of a Backpacker policy?

Backpacker policies usually cover up to 12 or 18 months, JS Travel Insurance can provide cover up to 24 months. Make sure that you have the correct trip length on the policy that you purchase.

Our policies allow you to extend the cover, so if you have only taken out a 4 month policy and you want to extend it for another three months, that is not a problem. If you come home permanently to United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands before the termination of the cover dates, then the policy becomes invalid.

However, you can to travel back to the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands for one trip, for no more than 14 days, ideal if you want to come back for Christmas or a Family Event.

Features and Benefits of a Backpacker Travel Insurance policy

The main Benefit is that this policy will cover you for more than one country as you are likely to travel to more than one during your trip.

The Backpacker policy will allow you to work aboard and you can select a number of Sports and Activities to be covered.

If you do plan to do Manual Work, you should check the policy wording carefully and make sure the type of work you will be doing is covered.

Main Exclusions of a Backpacker Travel Insurance policy

This type of policy might be perfect for your trip, however you should be aware of the exclusions of the policy. Due to the fact you might be away for an extended time, you do not want to find that your are not covered for a specific situation.

For example, some countries might be no go areas, and you should always check the Foreign Office website for the areas considered off limits, this can be found in the Travel Advice section of the website.

Price and Cover

It might be tempting to take the cheapest policy, but you should check the details of the policy you are purchasing. For example, if you want cover for your Valuables and Baggage make sure they are included in the Features and Benefits of the policy.

Travel Tips for Backpackers

Before you start your trip, make sure you have well prepared for the trip.

Get your Vaccinations. Some of the jabs you need might need to be given over several months. This might cause some side effects, so make sure you start the series of jabs so that you are better prepared for your trip.

Apply for your Visas. If you are travelling to Thailand for example, which you will need to get in advance, leave plenty of time before the trip starts to receive the paperwork.

Money and Documents. Make sure you have enough money when you arrive at your destination and if you are using cards, split the money over more than one card if you can. Also research the best currency exchange and consider getting a pre paid card.

Paperwork. It would be sensible to make photocopies of all relevant documents such as passport and keep them with you, in case you loos them whilst travelling.

Emergency Numbers. Note done the most important numbers and keep them on yourself, such as Embassy or Consulate details as well as the Travel Insurance Emergency Assistance number.

FCO Locate System. Register for the free Foreign and Commonwealth Office Locate System. This can enable the Foreign Office to get in touch with you in case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

This insurance contract is between you and White Horse Ireland Limited, a company registered in Ireland (Registered Company No. 306045), whose registered office is at Travel House, Free Zone West, Shannon, Co. Clare. White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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