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The Travel Insurance industry is shrouded in misconceptions. Given that Travel Insurance policies are often extensive and complex, most travelers don’t have the time to read through all the documentation provided.


That is why first issues in interaction with a travel insurance company usually arise only when something happens and it’s time to make a claim.

To be more prepared and well informed about travel insurance, we have provided some examples of myths and misconceptions about travel insurance below:

Nothing’s Going to Happen

Living life as an optimist, that doesn’t worry about the future is definitely solid advice, but it should’nt be applied to travelling and taking out travel insurance.

Until something happens, most people think that accidents “happen to other people” and that you’ll simply have a great, relaxing holiday like you always have.

However, accidents happen to everyone. If you never had an accident whilst travelling, that is not a good reason to not take out a travel insurance policy. Of course, you shouldn’t let thinking about a possible accident ruin your trip, but if you’re well covered, you won’t be thinking about potential accidents at all !

Just ask someone you know who had an accident on their travels and ask them how glad they are that they took out travel insurance, or how regretful they would have been, had they not !

My Primary Insurance Will Cover Everything

One of the myths and misconceptions related to the first one is that people assume their basic health insurance will cover anything that happens abroad. In a small number of specific cases, this may be true, but usually, you will have to supplement your domestic health insurance with travel insurance. This is especially the case if you are taking part in any Sports or Activities.

“As for health related incidents, if you are from the European Union and visiting another EU country, you can use your EHIC card to get free emergency medical treatment. In all other cases, you will have to pay additionally to get medical help, and these amounts can be quite hefty, especially if you are in an expensive country”, says Melanie Jones, a manager at IsAccurate responsible for organising conferenec travel for team members.

Travel Insurance Claims Are Slow And Difficult

Many travelers think that receiving a positive response to your travel insurance claim takes ages. This can be the case in some complex claims, but most travel insurance companies will handle your claim swiftly and effectively, especially if you provide clear explanations with evidence.

If you need help writing up a travel insurance claim, you can use the help of professional writers from TrustMyPaper (a platform of writers that work on demand), GrabMyEssay (a website where you can find claim writers), BestEssayEducation (writer portal for hiring professionals) or AirHelp (a legal service that files Airline claims for you). Professionals at Writing Judge can help you find the proper writing service.

By crafting a solid travel insurance claim, you can ensure that your claim gets approved as soon as possible.

My Airline Will Cover All Flight Related Incidents

Just like travel insurance, travelers usually don’t take the time to read through the Airline’s Terms and Conditions. That is why many are surprised that they are not eligible for a refund or a partial refund if a flight is delayed outside of the Airlines control.

If you take out a travel insurance policy, you will be protected in some cases for flight related incidents that can affect you on your travels: from cancelled and delayed flights to lost luggage or damaged personal possessions.

This is one of the most useful benefits of a travel insurance policy, which can help you financially break even after your flight schedule falls through.

All Travel Insurance Packages Are Similar

Even though most basic travel insurance policies feature more or less the same cover, there are some differences in policies available.

It ‘s definitely worth your time to research different policies and cover, also good to keep in mind if you have a pre existing medical condition, this will need to be taking into account when purchasing a policy.

We know that researching and taking out travel insurance is not the most exciting part of planning a holiday, but if you invest some time to pick a travel insurance policy carefully, you can save money and ultimately get better cover and terms.

Myths and Misconceptions about Travel Insurance: Article Written By: Dorian Martin dorianmartinn@gmail.com

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