Travel Insurance after Brexit | JS Insurance

Travel Insurance after Brexit –  What will be the situation with travel ? The General Election has now taken place and the incoming Government have a mandate to GET BREXIT DONE ! The Bill to exit the European Union on the 31st January 2020 has now been passed in the United Kingdom Parliament. This means Read more “Travel Insurance after Brexit | JS Insurance”

Australian Bush Fires – What does Travel Insurance Cover ? | JS Insurance

Australia is suffering the worst Bush Fires in its history. It is also suffering from record high temperatures and high winds that is causing even more bush fires and distruption. Australia has been known for bush fires, especially during the Summer months. Several large bush fires are currently burning around New South Wales and the Read more “Australian Bush Fires – What does Travel Insurance Cover ? | JS Insurance”

Students Studying Abroad Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

Students Travelling Abroad Many Students travelling abroad will not automatically be thinking  about Travel Insurance. However, it is important that a policy is in place before you start your adventure. GET A QUOTE ONLINE As you will be in a foreign country, much of the cover we can provide will help in situations that are Read more “Students Studying Abroad Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”

Charity Event Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

JS Travel Insurance has been providing Charity Event Insurance for many years and have insured individuals, students and groups for events such as Jailbreaks and Charity Rallies and many more events during the year. GET A QUOTE ONLINE Main Benefits of Charity Event Travel Insurance One of the main benefits of this policy is that Read more “Charity Event Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”

Misconceptions about Travel Insurance | JS Insurance

Misconceptions The Travel Insurance industry is shrouded in misconceptions. Given that Travel Insurance policies are often extensive and complex, most travelers don’t have the time to read through all the documentation provided. GET A QUOTE ONLINE That is why first issues in interaction with a travel insurance company usually arise only when something happens and Read more “Misconceptions about Travel Insurance | JS Insurance”

Travel Insurance and Drone Disruption | JS Insurance

Travel Insurance – Drone Disruption Following the Gatwick incident a few months ago and the drone disruption to flights including hundreds of flight cancellation, it is advisable to check your Travel Insurance policy. At the end of May 2019, protest group Extinction Rebellion announced their plans to shut down Heathrow Airport for 10 days using Read more “Travel Insurance and Drone Disruption | JS Insurance”

Hawaii Volcano Eruption – JS Travel Insurance

The Kilauea Volcano eruption on the 3rd May 2018. This volcano eruption has destroyed over 25 homes and 35 building structures. The lava and hazardous fumes still continue to cause problems over Hawaii’s biggest island five days after the first eruption. Bursting through giant cracks in the ground, the Hawaii Authorities have advised that travellers Read more “Hawaii Volcano Eruption – JS Travel Insurance”

Your Summer Holiday Checklist | JS Travel Insurance

If you are travelling this summer in Europe or elsewhere in the world, here is a Summer Holiday Checklist of important items to think about before leaving home. Holidays are not just about flights and hotel bookings, but many more costs that can add to the price of the trip. Currency When you are looking Read more “Your Summer Holiday Checklist | JS Travel Insurance”

Try To Avoid Sickness Abroad | JS Travel Insurance

You don’t want to spoil your holiday if you become ill and this can be an annoying distraction as well as an inconvenience. We have put together a number of ways to avoid being ill abroad. Before you book anything, it is a good idea to check the health situation and vaccination requirements of your destination. To stay health Read more “Try To Avoid Sickness Abroad | JS Travel Insurance”

Common Travel Insurance Exclusions | JS Insurance

Travel Insurance providers are getting more and more careful regarding claims and what are common travel insurance exclusions in a policy. GET A QUOTE ONLINE We have laid out below, the most common travel insurance exclusions on a policy. Drunken Behavior: We all like a drink or a few whilst away on holiday, all policies will Read more “Common Travel Insurance Exclusions | JS Insurance”