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australian bush fires

Australian Bush Fires – What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Australia is suffering the worst Bush Fires in its history. It also suffers from record-high temperatures and high winds, causing even more bushfires and disruption.

Australia has been known for bushfires, especially during the Summer months.

Several large bushfires are burning around New South Wales, and the authorities struggle to control them. The fires have so far resulted in many deaths, and a large number of properties have been destroyed.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises that if you are in New South Wales or plan to visit soon, you should check with the State authorities for up-to-date information.

Visit the Foreign Office Travel Advice pages for the latest travel advice in Australia and links to the relevant State authorities.

Unfortunately, Travel Insurance policies will not cover you if you travel against the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) at the time of your departure. Therefore, you must check the FCO’s website for any warnings against travel.

We have some Policies that will cover you for Cancellation and Curtailment if you have to cancel a trip due to an FCO warning (as long as you booked the trip and purchased your travel insurance before the warning is issued). Please call us to get a quote that offers this level of cover.

Can Travel Insurance help if my trip is affected by the bushfires?


If you are injured or become ill due to the bush fires, you will be covered for Medical Expenses and Repatriation (as long as you didn’t travel against the advice of the FCO). Our policies cover Medical Expenses up to £10,000,000, and we provide you with an Emergency Assistance Number available 24 hours a.

If you need to move from your pre-booked accommodation, you may be covered under the Natural Catastrophe cover available on our policies.

Catastrophe Cover is designed to cover additional, irrecoverable travel or accommodation costs if you are forced to move from your pre-paid, pre-booked holiday accommodation due to unforeseen events such as floods, fire, earthquakes, hurricanes and medical epidemics. The cover is intended to enable you to continue your holiday in alternative accommodation or, if possible, return to the UK.

JS Travel Insurance policies cover Catastrophes:

“We will pay for reasonable additional costs of travel and accommodation within a 20-mile radius, the same standard as those on your booking, to enable you to continue your trip close to that originally booked if the pre-booked accommodation has been damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, lightning, explosion, hurricane or the area is quarantined due to a major outbreak of an infectious disease.”

The cover is intended to enable you to continue your holiday in alternative accommodation or, if possible, return to the UK.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for Restrictions and Exclusions.

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