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Travel Insurance providers are getting more and more careful regarding claims and what are common travel insurance exclusions in a policy.


We have laid out below, the most common travel insurance exclusions on a policy.

Drunken Behavior: We all like a drink or a few whilst away on holiday, all policies will not cover any accidents or situations that are due to you drinking or taking non prescription drugs.

Motorcycles: If you request cover to drive a Motorcycle, you must have a UK licence and allow you to use the licence in the country you are travelling to.  You are also obliged to wear a helmet and other protective clothing.

Medical Conditions: If you have a Pre Existing Medical Condition you must declare this when taking out a policy or we can exclude the medical conditions from the policy.

Mental Illness: This is considered a pre existing medical conditions, and should be declared for example such as Dementia or Depression.

Sports and Activities: If you plan any Sports and Activities whilst abroad, then you should make sure these are on your Certificate of Travel Insurance and you have paid the extra premium to cover the activity.

Terrorism: Usually medical costs are covered, but be aware if you have travelled to a country that the Government consider to be unsafe you will not be covered.

Baggage: If the Airline losses your luggage, this is in most cases between you and the airline as it was in the possession of the airline first and foremost.

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