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Preparation for Your Ski Trip

Ski Trip Fitness

If you are planning a Ski Trip this winter, it is a good idea to think about the preparation for your ski trip and, importantly, getting into shape before you travel. It does not mean you need to spend hours and hours in the gym, but a good regime before your trip will make the experience even better. You will be able to push yourself (if you want to!) for an extra hour skiing or Snowboarding, and you will find that the next day you might be able to recover better.

Even if you are going for a Season, you should try and get in shape before you go; we have some excellent ski season insurance policies here.

You might want to get fit for skiing; start now if you plan a trip later in the year! Some exercises don’t necessarily have to be done in a gym and can be done in your own home.

It is always essential to have a Ski Trip Travel Insurance policy in place in case of injury whilst on the slopes and if you need any medical evacuation from the piste or resort.


Your Ski Trip – Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

We have several providers covering pre-existing medical conditions for your ski trip; if you have had surgery recently or within the last year for a knee injury, for example, this might not have fully recovered, and you might need extra care away.

If you are unsure, it is a good idea to contact your doctor if you need to declare a pre-existing medical condition. You don’t want to find that you cannot make a medical claim due to a previous injury.

Your Ski Equipment

Many accidents and injuries happen due to the ski equipment not being correctly prepared before you start taking part in skiing or Snowboarding. So if you think anything is outdated, it might be time to purchase a new pair of boots, for example. Ensure it is in good working order and the ski equipment is sufficient for your level of skiing or snowboarding.

If you do more extreme Skiing or Snowboarding, you might want to purchase some Avalanche Safety Equipment on our website:

Your Ski Trip – Good Behaviour

Skiing and Snowboarding is a fun and exciting pastimes.  There are some guidelines to ensure you and others have a good time!

Ensure you are careful with your alcohol intake, especially during your lunch break after a good morning of skiing. Just for you to realise that a few drinks will decrease your performance and so might cause you to injure yourself or hurt someone else.

Always good to pace yourself; after a few days of hitting the slopes, you might be or tired than you think.

When you are on the ski lifts, know the others around you, especially if there are children or even nervous skiers. It is sometimes the case that injuries happen when getting off the lift at the top of the mountain, and others knock into you when you leave the ski lift.

Good idea, as always, when you are doing any Sports or Activities, that you stay hydrated and wear the correct clothing. As well as any safety equipment that would prevent an injury.

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