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Ski Seasonaire Travel Insurance

Please use the calulator for your Ski Seaon Insurance  Whether you plan to Ski or Snowboard all day or work in a Ski Chalet, Restaurant or Bar Work, These policies will also cover you for your leisure time and any recreational Skiing or Snowboarding you plan to do on your time off. Example Quotes How to Get a Quote…

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Please use the calulator for your Ski Seaon Insurance 

Whether you plan to Ski or Snowboard all day or work in a Ski Chalet, Restaurant or Bar Work, These policies will also cover you for your leisure time and any recreational Skiing or Snowboarding you plan to do on your time off.

Example Quotes


3 months         £199.00                 

4 months         £239.00                 

5 months         £289.00                 

6 months         £329.00                 

WORLDWIDE  Backpacker               

3 months         £359.00               

4 months         £499.00                 

5 months         £599.00                 

6 months         £699.00                 

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  • This policy does not cover Ski Instructors (on a course of qualified and teaching). To get a quote for this visit our webpage: Ski Instructor Travel Insurance

Summary of Cover

Section & Cover       Excess
Cancellation £1,000     £75
Medical Expenses & Repatriation £5,000,000     £95
Dental  Treatment          £250     £50
Personal Liability £2,000,000     £50
Rented accomodation Limit £100,000     £50
Personal Baggage £2,500     £50
Personal Baggage - Single Article Limit £200     £50
Valuables Limit £200     £50
Spectacles / Sunglasses £75     £50
Personal Money £400     £50
Cash Limit £100     £50
Legal Expenses £25,000     £50
Sheduled Airline Failure Cover £1,500     £50
End Provider Failure Cover £1,500     £50

Off PIste definition for these Policies 

Off piste must always be with a professional guide/instructor within recognised resort areas.

Defintition of off piste in our wording is ‘Skiing on pistes which are un-marked and ungroomed within resort boundaries that are considered safe by resort management, where ski lifts and emergency services are easily accessible and ending back at a ski area lift. Not including back country or areas marked or prohibited from entry’

For Off Piste without a Guide but not against local advice then Please Click here for a Quote

Gadget Cover

We can cover your Gadgets on this Seasonaire Travel Insurance for an extra £10.00 .

Gadget(s) - means a handheld consumer electronic device such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Kindles, SatNavs, Cameras, Camera Lenses, Camcorders, Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, Head Mounted Displays, Hand Held Games Consoles, Portable DVD Players, Headphones, Wireless Speakers, MP3 Players and iPods.

Main Exclusions

  • No cover for Laptop computers (however, this is covered under Valuables)
  • No cover for Drones.
  • No cover for loss or theft where you have left your equipment unattended unless the equipment was locked up securely in your accommodation, or locked in a boot of a vehicle left between 6.00am and 11.00pm local time where entry was gained by violent and forcible means.

Declaring Medical Conditions

To declare pre existing medical conditions, please call the Medical Screening Team on 0203 829 3855.

Let them know you have a P J Hayman Longstay Quote.

If there is an Additional Premium to pay to cover your conditions, this payment must be paid directly to the Medical Screening Team. They will send you email confirmation with a reference number once the cover is in place.

Important Benefits

  • Cover Seasonaires in Europe and Worldwide up to 6 months
  • Age group: up to 45 years Europe Worldwide including the USA)
  • No restriction on time spent in any one place, you can visit as many countries as you wish or just stay in one for the whole trip. We can always change the areas that you have selected during the life of the policy.
  • Gadget Cover  including Mobile Phones.
  • 24 hours Multi-Lingual Emergency Assistance Helpline.

Seasoniare FAQs

Is Repatriation covered with these policies ?

All of our policies cover Repatriation back to your home country. This benefit is part of Medical Expenses.

Some of the reasons for Repatriation is due to medical treatment not being available in your location or the Emergency Assistance Company considers it to be necessary for you to be returned to your home for further treatment.

You should check the full Terms and Conditions of the policy that you are purchasing for any exclusions and details of Repatriation cover.

What happens if I require Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance ?

In most cases, we recommend that the Emergency Assistance Company is contacted either at the time of the incident or shortly thereafter so that they can approve the Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance.

This may not be possible in some cases if it is a life-threatening rescue.

We suggest that you provide your policy details and contact details of the Emergency Assistance Company to those you are travelling with or your Employer if you are working in the Resort so they can call on your behalf if necessary.

Do these policies provide cover for Personal Liability and Personal Accident?

The policies we offer through this specialist provider do cover Personal Liability and Personal Accident.

You should read carefully the Terms and Conditions of the policy, regarding these benefits as for example one of the exclusions is that using any motorised vehicle such as a Snow Mobile excludes cover for Personal Liability.

Can I get a Ski Seasonaire policy if I have already left the United Kingdom ?

We can also cover other EU Residents who are leaving their home country and will be taking part in a Ski Season in another European country or even another country such as Japan or Canada. Best go to World Nomads for a quote here 

Who is the Provider of this Ski Seasonaire Travel Insurance?

This scheme is underwritten by Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited (Red Sands), registered in Gibraltar under number 87598, registered office at Level 3, Ocean Village Business Centre, 23 Ocean Village Promenade, Gibraltar. Licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act 2019 of Gibraltar.

Do We Cover Ski or Snowboard Instructors?

This Ski Seasonaire Policy will not cover Ski or Snowboarding Instructors (whether in training or qualified).

However, we do have a Special Adventures Policy which will cover Ski Instructor Courses and qualified Instructors.

To get a quote, visit our webpage: Ski Instructor Travel Insurance

Already Travelled

If you have already left the UK and you are a permanent resident in the United Kingdom you can get a policy through one of our providers.

You will need to select Winter Sports.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.