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Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance can provide cover for you if you are taking part in a Ski Instructor Course.

Each year many go abroad to take part in courses to give them the skills and qualifications required to work in a Ski School, teaching others how to Ski and Snowboard.

In most cases, the organisers of the course will not refund the pre paid fees due to you having to cancel or curtail the course due to illness or injury, which is why getting appropriate Travel Insurance is so important. 


Please select Ski Instructor, this will cover you if you are taking part in a Course.

This policy will also cover Personal Liability.

Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

There is an option to just cover the Course Dates, rather than the whole time you are away. We can then offer an other Travel Insurance policy for the rest of your trip.

To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us on 0800 047 5065 (FREEPHONE) or 01273 773 017 info@jsinsurance.co.uk

Summary of Cover


Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Medical Expenses £10,000,000 £100
Search & Rescue Cover £50,000 £500
Personal Accident £5,000 -
Personal Liability £2,000,000 £200
Activity Equipment £1,000 £75
Delayed Activity Equipment £200 -
Activity Equipment Hire £300 -
Legal Expenses £25,000 -
Curtailment £2,000 £100


Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Personal Possessions £2,000 £75
Delayed Possessions £200 -
Loss of Personal Money £300 £75
Loss of Travel Documents £1,000 £75
Cancellation £5,000 £100
Travel Disruption £1,000 -
Travel Delay £120 -
Abandonment £5,000 £100
End Supplier Failure £2,500 -

Geographical Regions

We provide Trsavel Insurance for those who are taking part in a Ski Instructor Course anywhere in the world !

Please select the appropriate Region for your trip:

United Kingdom (Excluding Channel Islands & Isle of Man)

Europe (West of the Ural Mountains), the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, Madeira, Iceland, the Canary Islands, the Azores, countries with a Mediterranean coastline but excluding Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

Worldwide excluding USA / Canada / Caribbean
Worldwide including USA / Canada / Caribbean

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

  • No cover for terminal illnesses
  • No cover where you are on a waiting list for medical tests or investigations, treatment or test results
  • No cover for psychiatric or psychological conditions

Other Winter Sports We Can Cover

We can cover you for your recreational Winter Sports and Activities for no additional premium, as Ski Instructor is in the highest Hazardous Activity.

You can add more than one Sport or Activity on the quote page.

Insurance For Ski Instructor Courses

It is very important that you ask the organisers of the Course, what is their refund policy regarding course fees before the course begins or during the course.

You may need to leave the Course due to illness or injury and the fees would be lost if you have not got a Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance policy.

Most organisers will require you to have a Travel Insurance policy in place as they will not provide any type of refund once your final balance has been paid.

Most Winter Sports Travel Insurance policies will provide cover for Cancellation or Curtailment for pre booked accommodation, flights etc. but they will not provide cover for pre paid course fees unless agreed beforehand.

If you purchase the wrong type of cover then you could find yourself out of pocket.

Teaching Children

Teaching Children to Ski and Snowboard can be a challenging process. Children tend to have a much shorter attention span than adults.

This can be difficult after a short while on the slope as it may start becoming more and more difficult to relay information over to the children.

This can cause issues as they need to understand how to stay safe whilst learning to Ski or Snowboard.

Falling over and not getting techniques right within the first few goes can upset children, meaning you have to give them support, encouragement and praise all the time to keep them involved with the lessons and feeling confident with their progress.

Ski / Snowboard lessons are a great way to boost confidence for those children who lack is as it allows them to pick up new skills and independence.

It is also important to have breaks, kids love having fun and will want the chance to play in the snow as well as having a drink and snack to keep them fueled for the day.

They are much smaller of course and vulnerable to the cold so make sure they have the correct Clothing and Equipment to keep them warm and safe for a long day on the slopes!

Ski / Snowboard Ski Instructor Course Providers

Here are a few Ski / Snowboard Training Companies who offer Courses around the world:

Instructor Qualification Levels

The British Association of Ski Instructors (BASI) has four levels of Qualifications:

Level 1 - For individuals who want to teach Ski / Snowboard beginners.

Level 2 - Allows you to teach intermediate level students on marked slopes. Usually recognised in most European countries outside of France.

Level 3 - Allows you to teach advanced students on different terrains. Also allows work in France for 3 years as a trainee Ski Instructor.

Level 4 - The highest level of qualification you can achieve. Level 4 allows you to teach all levels of Skiers / Snowboarders and are allowed to lead trainee Ski Instructors. You can work Worldwide including major European destinations (such as France) if you have passed the Euro Test.

We will provide cover for individuals who have BASI qualifications up to and including Level 4.

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