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Off Piste Skiing / Snowboarding (without a Guide) Travel Insurance

When you embark on a Skiing holiday, it is essential to get sufficient Travel Insurance cover for your trip, this is particularly important if you are thinking about going Off Piste Skiing /Snowboarding. The importance of Travel Insurance cannot be overstated. Off Piste Skiing / Snowboarding is an adventurous, risky and potentially downright dangerous sport and you should ensure that your Travel Insurance policy includes Medical and Repatriation cover, and Air Ambulance and Mountain Rescue from the slopes.

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Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Cancellation or Curtailment £3,000 £50
Medical Expenses £5,000,000 £50
Emergency Repatriation £5,000,000 £50
Personal Baggage £1,750 £50
Money & Cash £500 £50
Travel Delay £100 -
Holiday Abandonment £3,000 £50
Missed Departure £750 -
Legal Expenses £25,000 £100

You will need this type of cover only if you are leaving the Resort Boundaries and Ski Patrol Areas, which have been defined by the Resort Management, It is important before you go Off Piste Skiing / Snowboarding without a Guide that you research this and check with the Resort website for further details.

Especially if you are doing it without a Guide, you should be extra careful and eliminate as many risks as possible. Of course, the chance of avalanches and accidents remains high when Off Piste Skiing / Snowboarding, even more so when you venture into pristine, untouched and unfamiliar terrain.

Risks and Dangers of Off Piste

Off Piste Skiing / Snowboarding is practiced on ground that is untouched and not regulated or patrolled, it comes with inherent risks and dangers.

Important Information

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection.

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