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Paramotoring Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip abroad and will be taking part in Paramotoring, you will need to have a Travel Insurance policy in place before you leave your home.

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Paramotoring Flights

Paramotoring flights can last up to several hours and can cover hundreds of kilometres. Some pilots can climb to an altitude of 3,000 metres or more.

That said, the average Paramotoring flight, especially on vacations, is a lot shorter. In general, a flight lasts between one and two hours, during which a distance of a couple dozen kilometres is covered.

Popular Areas

If you want to go Paramotoring during your holiday, consider visiting France, which is a country with arguably the most and the best locations for this particular sport. Additional destinations around the world that are excellent for Paramotoring include:

  • The Alps, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia
  • The West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Tasmania, Australia
  • Queensland, Australia
  • Utah, United States
  • Colorado, United States
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • The Caribbean Islands
  • Peru, Chile and Argentina
  • India

Common Injuries

Paramotoring accidents happen more frequently whenever a pilot is vacationing abroad, as they are less familiar with the landscape and the local climate.

Deaths caused by Paramotoring are exceptional. When they do happen, however, it is often because the pilot was attempting to push him or herself past their limits or due to inexperience. If you are an experienced Paramotorer and you use common sense, a fatal accident is nearly impossible.

Because your legs and feet are not protected when Paramotoring, difficult landings or rough winds blowing you off course can result in broken bones, sprains and strains.

Bruises and cuts to other parts of the body might also occur in these circumstances. Injuries that may occur when Paramotoring.

Paramotoring Equipment

In terms of technological equipment, Paramotoring pilots require a variometer, a device that indicates the climb or drop rate, as well as the altitude; a radio; and possibly a GPS system.

It is also important that the appropriate clothing is worn. Multiple layers of light clothing are better than a couple of layers of thick clothes.

Wearing a windproof jacket as a top layer is a good idea. Make sure that you put on a pair of gloves in colder weather.

The right footwear is essential as well, but is easily overlooked. Pilots are advised to wear trainers or hiking boots with ankle support, which will offer more protection during the landing.

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