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Paragliding Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip and taking part in Paragliding, you will need a Travel Insurance in place before you leave your home.

Paragliding is one of the many ways in which humans can take to the skies and fly. The adrenalin rush and thrill of flying high above the ground is fantastic. Paragliding is a free flying, foot launched aircraft with the pilot attached to a harness suspended from the fabric wing. Being suspended in the air looking around at the fabulous scenery is like nothing else. JS Travel Insurance will cover you during this thrilling sport.

Recreational Paragliding Policies are not available online

Please contact us by telephone or email for a quote or policy, 0800 047 5065 (FREEPHONE) or 01273 773 017 info@jsinsurance.co.uk

Helicopter Rescue

All of our Policies provide cover for Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance if it is medically required and also at the discretion of the Emergency Assistance Company. You should provide the company that you are organising the Paragliding trip with the details of your policy and the Emergency Assistance Service (as detailed in your Policy Documents) in case you are unable to call them yourself. The majority of policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance so when contacting the Emergency Assistance Company, you'll be redirected to a local bilingual office which allows them to better attend to your needs.

Paragliding Competitions Cover

At JS Travel Insurance, we can cover Amateur Paragliding Competitions in Europe only. Please contact us for the quote - we will issue the Policy and add note to confirm that the Amatuer Competition is covered.

Amatuer means that you're not being paid or sponsored to compete and that you are not competing for prize money. Unfornately, we cannot cover Professional Paragliding.

Our cover is limited to European Destinations only.

This Policy is provided by a Specialist Provider who will cover you for £10,000,000 medical expenses, plus £50,000 for Search & Rescue, and more.

Common Injuries whilst Paragliding

In general, the safety of the sport is directly influenced by the skill and sense of the Pilot. A safe Pilot will not fly at sites that are too challenging for his / her skills and will not fly on days when the weather is turbulent.

Paragliding accidents occur more frequently when a Pilot is in a foreign country because they are less familiar with the area and climate. The great exposure of the Pilot's legs and feet to the ground during landing have the potential to result in strains, fractures and broken bones, if landings are misjudged or impacted due to adverse weather conditions. Cuts and bruises can also occur to other parts of the body.

Fatalities in Paragliding are rare, but when they do happen it is often because the Pilot was attempting to push themselves past their limits for a more exciting flight or other goal, or due to inexperience when a Pilot was doing something that is strictly warned against.

What Paragliding Equipment do I need?

The Pilot will be attached to the glider in a harness. Pilots will also require a Variometer, Radio and possibly a GPS system. This equipment is very important in assisting the Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance team to locate you during a medical emergency.

It is also important that you wear the correct clothing. Light clothing is more preferable than heavy clothes. Make sure you wear a windproof jacket over the top. Overalls or an all in one ski suit are also all appropriate for the sport. Make sure you have a pair of gloves in colder weather and a waterproof jacket.

The right footwear is also vital. Wear walking boots or trainers with ankle support, depending on the weather. Footwear that keeps your feet dry is essential.

Is Paragliding Equipment covered?

Unfortunately not. The cost of Paragliding Equipment is high, and due to this reason, none of our policies are suitable to cover the equipment.

Therefore, we would suggest you look into Home Contents Insurance to see if they can cover your equipment whilst abroad. Alternatively, you may seek a provider who is a Specialist who will cover the full cost of your equipment.

Important Information

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection.

This Sport does not provide Accidental Death & Disability Benefit or Personal Liability cover.

This insurance is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA, a member of the AXA Group. Inter Partner Assistance SA, an insurance company incoprorated in Belgium. whose registered office is at Avenue Louise, 166 - Bte 1 - 1050 Brussels, regulated by the Belgium Financial Services and Market Authority and by the National Bank of Belgium under code no. 0487.

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