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Half Term Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Half-Term Ski Trip Travel Insurance

Taking out a Half Term Ski Trip Travel Insurance policy before leaving home would be best. With the Half Terms in the United Kingdom, you may plan a ski trip to France, another European country, or even further to a field such as Canada or the United States. Our comprehensive policies can provide cover for the whole family.

Half Term Ski trips are always in February every year; this can be an economical way for children to learn to ski as the half-term ski trips will include flights, accommodation, entire board, ski hire, ski lessons, and a lift pass.

We can also cover children as Independent children on a Policy with no adults required to be on the ski policy.

Many children go every year and advance through Ski School to good ability. Some Companies provide Kids Ski Camps for children who have moved past Ski school.


We also have another website dedicated to Winter Sports cover www.ski-insurance.co.uk, and an example quote for a Family of four (2 adults and two children) travelling to France for a week would be £27.09.

We have three levels of cover available, and we can also insure other Winter Sports, such as Off Piste Skiing or Snowboarding, Snow Mobiling and even niche sports such as Ski Racing.

We strongly recommend purchasing a policy before you leave your home that covers the entire time you are away. This will ensure that you are comprehensively covered for the Half Term Ski Trip and provides peace of mind whilst enjoying the snow!

We can provide cover if you have left the United Kingdom and are already in the Ski Resort.

Please get in touch with us at 0800 043 0020 for a quote or email us for a quote at support@jsinsurance.co.uk.

Half Term Ski Trip Travel Insurance for Groups and Schools

We can cover groups of friends travelling during half term or schools or sports clubs, taking half time to send students or staff members on a ski trip.

We have several policies available and can provide discounts for large groups, and school groups’ travel insurance  

Ski Safety Equipment

It is a good idea to ensure the whole family is fully prepared for the slopes. We provide many safety items through our retail website Snowsafe.co.uk.

They provide a range of backcountry products from the leading manufacturers of ski safety equipment, including Ortovox, ABS, BCA, Black Diamond and Pieps.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

We can provide cover if you or a family member or group have a pre-existing medical condition.

Your medical conditions must be declared as Skiing and Snowboarding are very physical sports, and any medical condition might be affected whilst you are away.

Half-Term Ski Trip Travel Insurance

We can cover Single TripsAnnual Multi Trip or Backpacker policies throughout the year, even if you will not be Skiing or Snowboarding.

We can cover most other Sports and Activities, and if it is not on the online list, please get in touch with us for a quote.

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