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Football (Tournament) Travel Insurance

If you plan a trip and participate in a Football (Tournament), you will need a policy before leaving home. We provide coverage if you are playing in a Football Tournament, and this is the Sole Purpose of your trip.  JS Travel Insurance covers many people who play Football (Tournaments) in the UK, Holland, France, and other countries in Europe and Worldwide…

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If you plan a trip and participate in a Football (Tournament), you will need a policy before leaving home.

We provide coverage if you are playing in a Football Tournament, and this is the Sole Purpose of your trip. 

  • JS Travel Insurance covers many people who play Football (Tournaments) in the UK, Holland, France, and other countries in Europe and Worldwide every year.
  • We have provided Travel Insurance to many Schools and Football Clubs in the United Kingdom.

To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us at 0800 043 0020 / 01273 092 757 support@jsinsurance.co.uk

Summary of Cover (per person)

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Emergency Medical and Repatriation* £5,000,000 £5,000,000 £5,000,000
Cancellation or Curtailment* - £3,000 £7,500
Personal Baggage* £500 £2,500 £3,500
Activity Equipment £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Valuables* £250 £250 £500
Loss of Passport* - £300 £500
Travel Delay - £300 £1,000
Trip Abandonment* - £3,000 £7,500
Missed Departure / Connection - £500 £500
Legal Expenses* - £25,000 £50,000

*Excess payables vary depending on the claim benefit.

Please read the Policy Wording for the complete list of Benefits.

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Football Tournament FAQs

1. Am I covered by JS Travel Insurance policies if I injure myself while playing in a football tournament?

Yes, we cover your medical expenses up to £5m, which includes hospital expenses and hospital costs and repatriation back to the UK if required. This covers any injury whilst playing and medical expenses incurred during the rest of the trip, including coverage for COVID-19.

2. Am I still covered if I injured myself during Training or in the match before the trip and could not play?

You would still be covered to travel with your teammates to spectate. If you couldn't travel and had to cancel your trip, you would be covered under cancellation.

3. What is the Travel Insurance cover for Covid-19?

Our policies cover Medical Expenses and Cancellations if you get a positive test 14 days before departure or you contract Covid-19 whilst abroad. 

4. Can JS Travel Insurance cover an entire Football Team?

Yes, we have covered many teams heading away for Football Tournaments, from the Easter Open in Holland to the Gothia Cup in Sweden. Make sure you purchase travel insurance for all your players, including the reserves who may play. We can cover teams, coaches and coaches.

For spectators (fans) travelling and the coaches, the premium will be cheaper, and you can get a quote online at www.jsinsurance.co.uk

5. What is the difference between a Football Tournament and a Football Tour?

A Football Tournament is a series of games and knockout games progressing to a final. A football tour is where you travel and play with other teams in other parts of the UK, Europe, or worldwide on a friendly basis.

6. Do JS Travel Insurance policies cover Training?

You will be covered for Training and playing in a football tournament (amateur tournament). You must book your travel insurance from the day you depart to the day you return to your home.

7. Do JS Travel Insurance policies cover me for Football Tours?

Yes, you will be covered if your team is touring and playing non-sponsored friendly games. You get a quote online on our Football Tour page.

8. Can I get cover for playing Football if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, we can provide cover through our Adventure policy. This will cover you for Training and automatically protect you for a Football (Amateur Tournament).

9. Does JS Travel Insurance cover children under the age of 18 years of age?

Yes, we can cover children of all ages; an adult is not needed on the policy. However, the independent child must travel with an insured adult.

10. Do JS policies cover adults playing in a Football (Amateur Tournament?

Yes, we can cover adults up to 64 years of Football (Amateur Tournament).

11. Does JS Travel Insurance cover other Amateur Tournaments and Competitions?

Yes, we cover other Sports, such as:






Martial Arts 

Popular European Football Tournaments

The Netherlands

  • Holland Easter Open 
  • Amsterdam Open  
  • Arnhem Bridge Cup 
  • Den Bosch Cup 
  • Dutch Soccer Cup 
  • Amsterdam Veterans
  • Dutch Autumn Cup 


  • Football Cup Barcelona  
  • Barcelona Mare Nostrum Cup  
  • Tourneo Majorca Cup 
  • Costa Dorada Cup 
  • Majorca 5s  and Magaluf Ladies 
  • Barcelona Football Festival 
  • Barcelona Girls Cup 
  • Valencia Cup 
  • The Donosti Cup 
  • Javea Veterans 
  • Barcelona Football Cup


  • Sirene Cup 30th  
  • Belgium  Cup 
  • Euro Cup 
  • Kempen Trophy  
  • Flanders  Cup 



  • Dana CUP  



  • Helsinki Cup 8th 


  • Intersport Youth Football Festival




  • Pisa World Cup 29th 
  • San Marino Cup 6th 

United States of America (USA)

  • Presidents Cup, Arizona 
  • Enigma Cup, Florida 
  • Albion Memorial Day Cup 

FA Guidelines (UK Football Association)

The FA (UK Football Association) has some comprehensive guidelines for travel for Football Tours and Football (Amateur Tournaments) for children in the UK or overseas.

Find out more: Top 10 FA Guidelines on Travel for Football Tournaments ⚽️

Parental Concerns

Sending your child to their first Football Amateur Tournament abroad can be a worrying feeling, and it is often asked about; here is information that may help ease your mind. 

Cover your child for suitable activities: Your travel insurance policy must cover the correct activities, whether your child is attending a Football Amateur Tournament or Tour or just going away for a Football Training camp. 

Also, we can cover any other activities planned in your child's itinerary to ensure you have suitable coverage; we can cover up to 400+ Sports and Activities

What are the main Insurance benefits that you need? 

  • Medical and Repatriation: Cover for £5m if your child gets injured or falls sick whilst playing Football or not abroad. This includes repatriation to the UK if it is medically necessary.
  • Cancellation and Curtailment: This will cover your child's illness or injury before travel and any pre-paid accommodation for flights booked. It also covers if your child has to cut short their trip and return home.
  • Personal Property / Baggage Cover: All children follow trends and want to look like the next best football star, which can be costly for parents. Our travel insurance policies will cover your personal property, including football boots, kits, and more, if lost or stolen in transit or locked storage. 

Children travelling without Parents: A typical concern asked by parents is if their child is covered to travel abroad on our travel insurance policies without you; the answer is Yes,

It will be covered if a child travels with an insured adult, such as a football manager or another parent t.

Your Child Safety, Health and Well-being: 

Check The FA Website for comprehensive Guidelines for Safety for children on Football Tours 

  • Safety: It's essential to educate your child about the risks of travelling abroad, avoiding dangerous situations and being aware of their surroundings.
  • Health: Make sure your child is fit and healthy enough to travel, insure them for any pre-existing medical conditions, and educate them on how to stay healthy abroad, such as drinking bottled water, avoiding street food stands, and helping them prepare physically and mentally. 
  • Well-being: Make sure your child has a working phone or a way of contacting you if they are concerned and happy with their surroundings. Be as supportive as you can be without being there. And that their coach /teacher has your telephone number as a parent and child.  

Storing your child's travel insurance documents: printing multiple copies of the travel insurance document, including the 24/7 emergency assistance contact details, is essential. We recommend having one in your hand or holding luggage, giving a copy to the team manager, and saving a copy in your smartphone wallet if possible. 

Who to contact in an emergency: You should get the 24/7 emergency assistance line, which will instruct you on the next steps and arrange medical care. 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you have pre-existing medical conditions and plan to participate in a Football (Tournament), we can provide you with a policy. 

We have several providers (Adventures) who can offer travel insurance, including Football (Tournament) if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


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Costa Daurada Cup

The Donosti Cup


Sirene Cup

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Bayern Trophy


CUP Denmark


Gothia Cup


Helsinki Cup


Intersport Youth Football Festival




Pisa World Cup

San Marino Cup


Enigma Cup 

Presidents Cup

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