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Cycle Touring Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides Cycle Touring Travel Insurance for those who go on Cycle Touring Holidays and more as part of a cycle touring community, family holiday, or as individuals. Travel insurance benefits included medical and repatriation back to the UK, search and rescue coverage, activity equipment, and more.  When getting Travel Insurance (Cycle…

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JS Travel Insurance provides Cycle Touring Travel Insurance for those who go on Cycle Touring Holidays and more as part of a cycle touring community, family holiday, or as individuals.

Travel insurance benefits included medical and repatriation back to the UK, search and rescue coverage, activity equipment, and more. 

When getting Travel Insurance (Cycle Touring), you can also select one or more of the following: 

  • Cycling (Leisure)
  • Cycle Racing / Sportive
  • Cycling Endurance Event
  • Cyclocross

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Summary of Cover (per person)

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Emergency Medical and Repatriation* £5,000,000 £5,000,000 £5,000,000
Search and Rescue* £25,000 £50,000 £50,000
Cancellation or Curtailment* - £3,000 £7,500
Personal Baggage* £500 £2,500 £3,500
Activity Equipment £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Valuables* £250 £250 £500
Loss of Passport* - £300 £500
Travel Delay - £300 £1,000
Trip Abandonment* - £3,000 £7,500
Missed Departure / Connection - £500 £500
Legal Expenses* - £25,000 £50,000

*Excess payables vary depending on the claim benefit.

Please read the Policy Wording for the complete list of Benefits.

Healix Insurance Services Ltd, on behalf of Hamilton Insurance DAC, arranges this Travel Insurance policy for Jade Stanley Ltd. Healix Insurance Ltd is registered in England and Wales under No. 5484190 and authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under No. 437248. Hamilton Insurance DAC is registered in Ireland No. 484148, approved by the Central Bank of Ireland, and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority in connection with their UK branch. Jade Stanley Ltd is registered in England and Wales under No. 03570857 and authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under No. 306205.

Cycle Touring Travel Insurance FAQs

1. Does this policy cover me medically if I fall off my bike or get into a cycling accident? 

Yes, in the case of injury or accident, our policies will cover Emergency Medical Expenses up to £5m, which includes repatriation back to the UK. 

All of our policies include a 24/7 Emergency Assistance line.

2. Does this Cycle Touring policy also cover me for leisure cycling?

Yes, this policy would cover you for standard leisure cycling, whether visiting the local area or keeping fit, such as short rides. 

3. Am I covered if my primary mode of transport from the UK is by bicycle?

To cross the channel, you will need to take some form of transport, such as a ferry, train, or plane; once you exit one, your bicycle can be your primary mode of transportation.

You must have pre-booked travel for your departure and return on this policy.

4. If Cycle Touring is the sole purpose of my trip, am I covered? 

Our travel insurance policies cover Cycle Touring as your trip's sole purpose. 

We also cover over 400+ sports/activities for the sole purpose of your trip.

5. I plan on Cycle Touring for an extended period; how long does this policy cover me?

We can cover you for Cycle Touring for up to 180 days on a single trip policy, and the number of days you can cycle is not limited. 

If you plan on Cycling, Touring for longer than 180 days or taking an around-the-world trip, our provider, Longstay/Backpacker, can cover up to 18 months. 

6. Is my Bike covered whilst I am Cycle Touring?

We do not cover any Activity Equipment while it is in use, owned, or hired. However, we do offer cover for  Owned Activity Equipment up to £1,500 (single article/pair/set limit: £750) or Hired Activity Equipment up to £750 (single article/pair / set limit £500) whilst your bike is in transit or locked storage for any accidental damage, loss, or theft. 

This is based on a wear, tear and deprecation deduction; find out more in the Policy Wording.

7. Is it mandatory for me to wear a cycle helmet for the policy to be valid? 

Yes, for the policy to be valid, you must always wear a cycle helmet. 

8. Would this Cycle Touring policy cover me for Endurance Cycling events?

No, although it's similar and you ride a lot of distance when Cycle Touring, it is not the same cover as an Endurance Cycle event; they can often take 7 to 10 days of nonstop cycling, cycling over 3000 miles. 

If you intend to participate in one, you must have Endurance Cycle Events on your policy.

9. I'm leading a cycle tour as part of my work; am I covered for this? 

If you are leading a cycle tour as part of your work and doing manual labour during the trip, such as moving suitcases, then we can cover this.

You will need to select Cycle Touring and Manual Work (Ground Level / Light Machinery)

10. I go on multiple cycling holidays annually; is there an Annual policy option? 

Yes, this is a popular option if you travel multiple times a year; we offer three levels of coverage on our annual policies, including cycle touring, with 31-day maximum trip length days per trip and unlimited cycle touring days. 

11. Can I get cover for Cycle Touring if I have a Pre-Existing Medical Condition? 

Yes, you can Get a Quote; please select Hazardous Activity Pack B when getting a quote.

Cycle Touring Annual Multi-Trip Benefits

An Annual Multi-Trip policy may be a good idea if you are part of a Cycle Touring community that travels frequently or goes on multiple yearly trips

31-Day Maximum trip days: Our annual multi-trip policies include a 31-day maximum trip length of days per trip with unlimited cycle touring days.

Flexibility: An Annual policy gives you flexibility; you can travel as much as you like for travel and Cycle Touring as long as you do not exceed the maximum trip length

Convenience: You only need to take out one policy for the whole year covering Travel and Cycle Touring, saving time and hassle searching around for policies per trip for cycle touring. 

Cost Effective: If you travel frequently, multiple travel insurance policies can add extra cost to each trip; an annual approach is often cheaper. 

Peace of Mind: Annual policies give you peace of mind that you are covered medically while you are riding and that you have your travel insurance benefits in place, such as cancellation, Baggage, and more.  

What makes it Cycle Touring?

Self-Sufficiency: Cycle tourists are responsible for their routes, repairs, and planning methods. Most good tours require time and preparation to plan but are very rewarding once completed. We have covered many people touring in France, Spain, Holland, and more.

Long Distances: Most cycle tours are long-distance, with riders riding 45 to 65 miles a day for multiple days, weeks, months, or years; this is the main difference between leisure and cycle touring.

Exploration: You will ride long distances, and it can be very challenging; this is the best way to explore new places and cultures, taking in the surroundings and the scenery, 

Challenge: Cycle Touring requires physical and mental strength. You must be able to ride long distances in all weather conditions and be prepared for the unexpected. It would be best to learn that when you're tired, it's time to stop; most cycle-touring injuries and accidents happen at the end of the day when you have nothing left in the tank.

Community: Oh, what a community you cycle tourists are! You will often speak to other riders, sharing tips and advice and creating companionship. Many apps bring you together now for rides, such as Strava, Map My Ride, and more. 

Top European Cycle Tours

Short Tours: 

The Ridgeway: Distance -139 km - England

Canal Du Midi: Distance - 240 km - France

Burgendy Wine Route (Voie des Vignes): Distance: 220 km - France

Camino De Santiago: Distance - 790 km - France, Spain

Loire à Vélo (Loire Valley): Distance - 800 km - France

Long Tours: 

The Danube Cycle Path:  Distance - 1,260 km - Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia

The North Sea Cycle Route: Distance - 5,942 km - Scotland, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway

The European Divide Trail: Distance - 7,600 km - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal

Cycle Touring Safety Tips

Wear a helmet: This is the most crucial safety tip; for your policy to be valid, you must always wear a cycle helmet when riding. This will protect you in the event of a crash. We recommend getting a cycle helmet with MIPS (brain protection) Fitted.

Wear bright clothing and reflective gear: This will make you more visible to motorists, pedestrians, or other riders and is critical in low-light conditions.

Use lights at night: Make sure you have a good set of bike lights, including headlights and rear lights, bright enough to be seen from a distance - pack a spare pair.

Be predictable: Be seen and ride in a way that motorists or pedestrians can anticipate your movements.

Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists when riding.

Take breaks: Don't try to ride for too long; take frequent breaks. This will help you stay alert and avoid fatigue.

Be prepared for the unexpected: Pack a good tyre repair kit, multiple inner tubes, and other bike equipment. Pack a first-aid kit for any medical problems.

Plan your route carefully: This will help avoid dangerous roads and areas. Plan it via a mobile app such as Komoot. 

Be aware of the weather forecast: Check the weather frequently and have a morning debrief before riding; if there's any chance of bad weather, be prepared to change your plans.

Pack the right gear: make sure you have the necessary clothing and equipment for the climate you'll be riding, and make sure your bike is in working order with no doubts about it.

Stay hydrated and eat regularly: To avoid fatigue and stay energized, hydrate and eat periodically. Pack energy bars and electrolytes for your tour.

Listen to your body: Make sure you are feeling 100%. If you're feeling tired and sore, take a break. If you're feeling sick, stop for the day. 

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you have been Cycle Touring before and may have had an injury or accident whilst participating in Cycle Touring, you must declare this when purchasing a policy.

We have several providers who can offer travel insurance, including Cycle Touring, if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


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