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Mountain Biking Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip abroad and you will be taking part in Mountain Biking, it is a good idea to have a Travel Insurance policy in place before you leave your home.

When you have selected the policy you require, there is an option to add Additional Cover.

Please select Mountain Biking, this will then cover you for the Mountain Biking activity as well as the Bike itself up to a value of £1,000 for any damage or theft.


JS Travel Insurance are introducers to MPI BROKERS.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking can be done essentially everywhere as long as there are unpaved roads. In certain places, Mountain Biking tracks are even specifically constructed for off road Mountain Biking.

In some mountainous regions, mountain slopes that are used for Snowboarding and Skiing in winter are set up as Mountain Biking trails in summer. Mountain Biking trails are found in forests, on mountain slopes, in fields and in deserts.

Mountain Biking is sometimes done in rather remote areas, it is vital to know how to fix a punctured tyre, to have basic bicycle maintenance knowledge, and to carry sufficient water and high energy foods.

Common Injuries

As a sport that has speed and risk as one of its attractions, there is always a chance that a rider incurs a serious injury while hitting the trails.

Therefore, it is essential that the proper precautions are taken and that riders always wear the right protective equipment, which includes a helmet.

The most common injuries happen when the mountain biker falls off their bike at high speed, either to the side or over the handlebars.

Contusions, abrasions and lacerations are among the most likely injuries, as are dislocated limbs and bone fractures, especially the collar bone is vulnerable.

The severity of an injury usually depends on the speed and weight of the mountain biker (female riders are more likely to fall over their handlebars than men because they are lighter, thus sustaining more serious injuries) and the type of trail they are riding on.

Sports Equipment Insurance for Cycling

Mountain Bikes are much stronger and heavier than regular mountain bikes they have to endure much more than other bicycles, from pressure shocks to crashes to jumps.

They have front and rear suspension with at least 20 centimetres of shock absorption space, allowing the riders to speed over rocks, potholes, tree roots and other kinds of small obstacles.

We have partnered with a HB Insurance who can provide cover for your Mountain Biking Equipment, in transit, storage and whilst being used.


To discuss your requirements and to get a quote, please contact them on 0345 450 8547 or by email: sales@harrison-beaumont.com

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Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you have pre existing medical conditions and you are going to be Mountain Biking whilst travelling abroad, we are able to provide you with a policy.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

European and Worldwide Residents

World Nomads offers Travel Insurance if you are a Resident of a European or Worldwide country and you are planning to take part in Mountain Biking whilst on your trip.

This policy will also cover you if you have already left your home country and will be Mountain Biking whilst on your trip.

You can also add High Value Items, such as Sports Gear, Technical Equipment and Cameras, and Personal Items.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

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