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Azores Travel Insurance

The Azores, are a group of islands in the mid Atlantic and are governed by Portugal. The islands are full of amazing scenery, vineyards and mountains.

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Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation or Curtailment £1,000 £3,000 £7,500
Medical and Repatriation £10,000,000 £10,000,000 £10,000,000
Personal Baggage £1,500 £1,500 £2,500
Laptop Cover £500 £500 £500
Gadget Cover* £1,000 £1,000 £1,000
Personal Money £150 £500 £750
Delayed Departure £100 £1,000 £1,000
Missed Departure £250 £500 £1,000
Legal Expenses £25,000 £25,000 £25,000
Scheduled Airline Failure £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Missed Connection Cover** £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Terrorism Cover Extension** £2,000 £2,000 £2,000
Standard Excess*** £100 £50 £35

*The Gadget Cover can be added on the quote page at an additional premium.

**AVAILABLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL PREMIUM: This extra cover is only available by contacting us and we can add this to your policy. 

***The excess payable does vary depending on the claim benefit.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions of this policy offered by JS Travel Insurance.

This Travel Insurance policy for Azores is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities and Insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG, UK. Travel Insurance Facilities are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Union Reiseversicherung AG are authorised by BaFin and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Travel Insurance Extras

Single Trip

Extension Benefit Europe (per person) Worldwide (per person)
Excess Waiver £5.00 £5.00
Missed Connection £5.00 £5.00
Terrorism Cover £7.00 £13.00

Annual Multi Trip

Extension Benefit Europe (per person) Worldwide (per person)
Excess Waiver £36.00 £36.00
Missed Connection £10.00 £10.00
Terrorism Cover £16.00 £24.00

Excess Waiver

By purchasing the excess waiver option, the excess on the policy is reduced to £0 and you would therefore not be responsible for making a payment toward a claim.

Missed Connection

This extension provides additional travel insurance cover in the event you miss a connecting flight, ferry, cruise ship, train or motor vehicle as a result of a delay to your initial outbound transport.

Terrorism Cover

This extension provides additional insurance cover to enable you to cancel or cut short your trip if a terrorist act occurs within a 40 miles radius of your pre booked accommodation and you no longer wish to travel.

Popular Destinations in The Azores

Sao Miguel

Be filled with astonishment at Sao Miguel's stunning crater lakes. Each one flowing with gorgeous turquoise waters, almost fairy tale like. Sete Cicades is nearing ten miles in circumference, whereas Lagoa do Fogo has a mountainous backdrop !

Visit a pretty fishing village and try the local seafood and cuisine in one of Sao Miguel's many restaurants.

Its capital, Ponta Delgada, hosts a range of Cathedrals and historic monuments, dating back to the 17th Century.

Sao Miguel is also lined with gorgeous beaches, perfect for sunbathing, Swimming or Snorkelling.


Brave Trekking up Mount Pico, a dormant volcano that gives this island its name. Although dormant, you won't be able to ignore the exhilaration of scaling partway of its 2,351 metres, or even to the top if you're feeling courageous.

After a long day of Hiking, be sure to relax with a glass of one of Pico's local wines, or visit a vineyard and try a few samples !

Dolphin and Whale Watching is also popular on this island, with many spotting these gorgeous, sleek mammals from their boat around the coast.

Sao Jorge

Hire a car to behold all of Sao Jorge's natural beauty. Its capital is a quiet harbour town, and the island is filled with picturesque cliffs and Hiking trails, perfect for a warm summer's day. Fishing is a popular pastime on Sao Jorge, so see if you can nab a fishing boat and catch with the locals.

While you're there, make sure to sample some of the regional cheeses, handmade on the island, famous for its strong, cheddar taste.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is the most southern island of the Azores, consequently making it the sunniest and warmest. It has rolling hills and amazing coves and cliffs, fantastic for you to sink your teeth into and explore.

Santa Maria's claim to fame is its craftwork, with most Residents owning a handmade patchwork blanket or quilt, spun on a loom on this very island.

Sailing is also prominent here, and with Sao Miguel only a short boat ride away, it's possible to spend the day there and get back before nightfall !

Popular Sports and Activities






Travel Risks in The Azores

You are unlikely to run into any problems when visiting the Azores, but you must always remain vigilant of thieves and pickpockets operating in built up areas.

Keep an eye on your belongings at all times and be aware of any scams. Have someone to remain on the beach with your valuables, if you decide to take a dip into the Azure waters.

Taxi drivers have also been known to take advantage of Foreigners, if your taxi doesn't have a meter, always agree on a price before getting in.

Embassy | Consulates

Honorary British Consulate of United Kingdom in S. Miguel (Azores) Portugal

Address: Rua Domingos Rebelo, 43A. 9500-234 Ponta Delgada. S. Miguel - Azores

Telephone: (351) (296) 628 175

Email: amgm@net.sapo.pt

Visa Requirements for Azores

Nationals of the European Union do not require a Visa, you are allowed to stay in the Azores for up to 90 days.

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

Your EHIC card will cover you for emergency healthcare in the Azores, but make sure you have the correct Travel Insurance before you leave the United Kingdom, in case you require repatriation or cover for baggage or cancellation.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you have pre existing medical conditions and you plan to travel to the Azores, we are able to provide you with a policy.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

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