Travel Insurance for Majorca Beach Rugby Tournament 🏉🏖

Majorca Beach Rugby Festival

It is Back! The Beach Rugby Extravaganza on Magaluf Beach is here again in 2022.  9 pitches, 100s of teams, great parties, and a fantastic weekend of sport and fun

Saturday, April 30th, and Sunday, May 1st 2022

Make sure you have a Travel Insurance policy, if you are playing and also if you are visiting and attending the event. We at JS Travel Insurance cover 1000s of rugby players and spectators participating in Rugby Tours and Amateur Tournaments all over the world every year.


Highlights of JS Rugby Travel Insurance are: 

1. Medical Expenses (£10m) if you are injured playing Rugby, cover for when you are not playing and also if you catch Covid-19 whilst you are out there.

2. Comprehensive Covid-19 Cover for:

  • Medical Expenses (£10m) and Repatriation – treatment for Covid-19 whilst in Majorca.
  • Cancellation – if you receive a positive result for Covid-19 within 14 days of departure (so around mid-April) and are unable to go to the Majorca Beach Rugby Festival. 
  • Overseas Return  Quarantine – if you are denied boarding on your return due to having tested positive for Covid-19, we will cover your extra travel and hotel costs incurred. 

3. Travel Insurance for when you are not playing. JS Travel Insurance will cover you when you are not playing or even if you are going as a spectator for the whole weekend.

Safer playing on Sand 

Beach Rugby

The great thing about playing on sand is that there is less impact on your joints and the impacts of tackles and collisions are softened by this. 

Thankfully over the years, there have been very few serious injuries at Majorca Beach Rugby Festival: dislocations, a few cuts, and grazes but much less than when playing on grass. No boots help too !!

Still keep the tackling low as is now the directive for Rugby worldwide.  

The flip side is it is harder to run fast, sidestep, balance and it is much more tiring. 

Top physical benefits of exercising on sand 

1. Great for the core as you are unbalanced most of the time.

2. Injury prevention due to lower impact.  

3. You use 1.5 times more aerobic energy exercising on sand and 2.5 times more anaerobic energy. 

4. Muscle soreness (dreaded DOMS) is less from playing on sand!

5. It is more fun even if it is harder!

Medical Facilities at the Majorca Beach Rugby 

The awesome Organisers have 2 doctors on-site, 2 physios, and First Aiders. The nearest hospital is just 20 minutes away. 

5 Top Tips for your Travel Insurance 

But make sure you get your Travel Insurance for peace of mind, here are some tips:

  1. Purchase it as soon as possible so that you are covered for Cancellation before you go.
  2. If you are only taking hand luggage for the weekend, get the JS Silver (cheapest Policy) 
  3. If you are not playing but still going for the weekend then still get Travel Insurance, Get a Quote Online
  4. Obtain a GHIC Card before you go (this replaced the EHIC card after Brexit). Apply Here. This provides free Reciprocal Health between UK and other countries.
  5. If you are looking to play in more festivals and tournaments, buy an Annual Travel Insurance Policy with Rugby Cover (make sure you add Rugby as an Activity.

IBIZA Beach Rugby Festival

The following weekend there is a like for like rugby festival in San Antonio so if you ,miss the Majorca one or you want to do both , you can head to Ibiza for the 7th May 2022 .  For more information go to the Ibiza Sports Tours website . 

NB: If you have any Pre Existing Medical Conditions we can still cover you, call us on 0800 043 0020 or go to our Adventures and choose “Amateur Sports (contact eg: Rugby)” as your activity.  In the quote journey, you will then be able to declare your Medical Conditions.  

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