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JS Travel Insurance offers comprehensive Travel Insurance coverage for Endurance Cycle Racing in the Transcontinental Cycle Race; starting Sunday, 23rd July 2023, riders will battle it out in the Transcontinental Cycle Race, cycling across the European continent from Geraardsbergen in Belgium to Burgas in Bulgaria. 

When getting a quote online, please select Cycle (Cross-Continental) Endurance Cycling and Cycle Racing / Sportives (not professional).

We also cover the Transpyrenees starting Friday, 29th of September 2023, and the Trans Am in the USA beginning on the 4th of June 2023


The two-week-long Cycle Race will test your Endurance, Strength, and Stamina. We hope you’ve trained well and have what it takes to complete the challenge.

Highlights of Cover for the Transcontinental Cycle Race

  • Medical Expenses are up to £5m if you are injured in the Transcontinental Cycle Race.
  • Repatriation back to the UK if deemed medically necessary.
  • Search and Rescue Benefit up to £50k if you are unlocated during the cycle race.
  • Cover for Covid-19.

The Race


The Transcontinental Cycle Race is a bicycle race across the European continent like no other.

The clock never stops. Racers choose where, when, and if they rest during the way.

There is No Support. Racers can only use what they take with them or what they can find along the way.

No Official Route. Only mandatory control points ensure that racers visit some of Europe’s most famous cycle routes, but the rest is up to the riders.

Riders cover around 4,000km to reach the finish line

The Rules 


  1. Ride from the designated start line to the finish via the control points specified on the Brevet Card.
  2. No 3rd party support, private lodgings, or resupply. All food, drinks, and equipment must be carried or acquired at commercially available services.
  3. No drafting (other than pairs with their partners).
  4. All forward travel overland must be human-powered.
  5. The following ferry services are permitted – Direct River Crossings.
  6. All riders must maintain evidence of their ride.
  7. 2+ days of inactivity without reporting to the Race Director will be deemed a scratch.
  8. Travel insurance, cycle helmets, and lights are mandatory.
  9. Riders must know and observe all local traffic laws.
  10. Ride in the spirit of self-reliance and equal opportunity.

What is a Control Point?

Transcontinental Brevant Card

A Control Point is a fixed Station such as a local business or hotel; race staff will validate the arrival of the racers by recording their appearance and time stamping their Brevet Card.

The control points will also have First Aid on hand; once you are on the road, it is down to you to have the right equipment; carrying a lightweight First Aid Bag along the way is essential.

Race Tracking

Riders will be provided with a Modern Satellite Technology SPOT Trace Device at the start of the race.

The ‘dot’ is a marker on a map that symbolizes a GPS tracking unit that each rider carries on their bike.

The ‘Spot’ device marks the rider’s last transmitted position and tracks the progress.

This allows Live Tracking of the Transcontinental; you can track the race via DotWatcher.

What to expect

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Please select Cycle Racing / Sportives (not professional).


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