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L'Etape du Tour

Cover for the L’Etape du Tour 2022

L’Etape du Tour is on the 10th July 2022 and the route will take the riders over the same course of the Tour de France 2022.


Please select Cycle Racing / Sportives (not professional)

Personal Liability and Personal Accident are covered.

Medical to £10m is covered should you have an accident on your bike and /or need to be repatriated

Activity Equipment to £1,000 ( single article limit of £600 ) for your bike if damaged , stolen while in transit or while in use

You can purchase a policy for the entire trip or just for the L’Etape du Tour day (10th July 2022). If you take a policy for the day, please make sure you select Adventures Part A Only.

You can purchase the Insurance just for the day from £22.15 .

L’Etape du Tour gives amateur cyclists a chance to ride a stage of the Tour de France, just days after the pros.

The route is between Briançon and Alpe d’Huez, i.e. 167 km with more than 4,700 metres of accumulated positive elevation gain, including the climbs of the Cols du Galibier and de la Croix de Fer.

JS Travel Insurance covers many Cyclists every year who take part in L’Etape du Tour.

Are you prepared for L’Etape du Tour?

Have you done the training? 

Have you got all your Kit? Make sure you have trained in the same kit you will be riding L’Etape du Tour 2022 so you know its comfortable.

Have you had your bike serviced? Do this before you go and do a couple of training runs on your bike before you head to France.

And have you got your Travel Insurance for the trip?

Important Requirements about the Travel Insurance

  • If you already have Travel Insurance but not specifically that covers Cycle Racing. Call us on 0800 043 0020.
  • If you are already in France and you want Travel Insurance just for the day of the Stage call + 44 (0)1273 092 757.
  • If you have any pre existing medical conditions, you should declare them or your claim may not be paid.
  • If you already have Bike Insurance in the United Kingdom, make sure it covers you riding in France and make sure it covers a Racing Bike.

Major Benefits of  Travel Insurance

Medical cover up to £10,000,000. You really don’t need this much but it’s good to have it. If you crash and get hurt, you get ill before, after or during the race you are covered for Medical costs.  Make sure anyway that you have a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) too.

Search and Rescue cover to £50,000 (excess £500), again unlikely but if you do get lost and need to be rescued, if you are injured then this is a good cover to have. It is a good idea to give your Travel Insurance to one of the Group or the Organizers, so they can call on your behalf if necessary.



 0800 043 0020


Don’t ride l’Etape du Tour without Travel Insurance !!!

Cycle Racing Travel Insurance

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