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Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance can cover you if you participate in a Ski Instructor Course.

Each year, many go abroad to participate in Courses to give them the skills and qualifications required to work in a Ski School, teaching others how to Ski and Snowboard.

JS Travel Insurance provides a Ski Instructor Course policy that covers up to £5,000 for cancellation in pre-paid course fees (Adventures Part A and B).

There is also a Top Up Cancelation Cover (includes Curtailment) up to £50,000 if need be. 

We, therefore, can supply insurance for your Ski Instructor Course irrespective of the cost. 

Please choose Ski Instructor Course when choosing your Activity 


This Policy will provide cover up to the age of 75 years.

We can cover the days you will participate in a Ski Instructor Course if you already have a Travel Insurance policy. When getting a quote and purchasing a policy, you must take out Adventures Party A Only, so the cover is valid.

To contact us by telephone or email, 0800 043 0020 / 01273 092 757 support@jsinsurance.co.uk

Summary of Cover


Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Medical Expenses and Repatriation £10,000,000 £100
Search & Rescue £50,000 £500
Personal Liability £2,000,000 -
Personal Accident £5,000 -
Sports Equipment* £1,000 £75
Delayed Activity Equipment £200 -
Activity Equipment Hire £300 -
Legal Expenses £25,000 -
Curtailment £2,000 £100

*Sports Equipment is covered whilst in transit, storage, and use.


Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Personal Possessions £2,000 £75
Valuables (incl. mobile phone) £300 £75
Delayed Possessions £200 -
Loss of Personal Money £300 £75
Loss of Travel Documents £1,000 £75
Cancellation (incl Activity Course Fees) £5,000 £100
Travel Disruption £1,000 -
Travel Delay £120 -
Abandonment £5,000 £100

Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance is arranged for JS Travel Insurance through PJ Hayman & Company Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register number 497103). Registered office: Stansted House, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire PO9 6DX. Reg no. 2534965. Adventures Travel Insurance is underwritten by  Antares Syndicate 1274 at Lloyd's. Antares is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Top Up Cancellation Cover

If you have booked a trip that costs more than your existing travel policy cancellation limit, you cannot get your money back if you cancel the trip.

Top Up Cancellation Cover allows you to purchase up to £50,000 cancellation cover (per person).

Parts A and B  will cover you for £5,000 for Cancellation and Curtailment. 

If you already have a policy with Cancellation or Curtailment cover but not enough for the cost of the trip, you might want this top cover.

Please Note: For the Top Up Cancellation policy, as long as your existing Policy covers COVID-19 and you are successful with a claim. The Top Up will cover this also. It mirrors exactly what you already have.

You will need at least £1,000 of cover (per person) on your existing Travel Insurance policy so we can cover you.


Other Wintersports we can cover

We can cover your recreational sports and activities for no additional premium.

Please add your Sports or Activities in the quote. 

Ski Equipment: This is covered to £1,000 with a Single Article Limit of £600 under this Policy. 

We also have a website called Snowsafe where you can buy Backpacks, Airbags, Transceivers, Shovels and Probes -  crucial if you are going off-piste or skiing in the backcountry. 

Questions to ask your Ski Instructor Course Provider

  1. You may need to leave the course due to illness or injury, and the costs would be lost if you have not got a Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance policy. It would be best if you asked the Organisers of the course:

  2. What is their refund policy regarding course fees before the course begins or during the period?

  3. Is it a requirement by the Course Provider to have a Ski Instructor Course Travel Insurance policy in place before you can register for the course?

  4. How much free time will you have to ski recreationally?

  5. Will the Course provider give you a free ski pass for the area for the duration of your course?

  6. What qualification will you gain by the time you have completed the course? 

Most organisers will require you to have a Travel Insurance policy as they will not provide any refund once your final balance has been paid.

Most Winter Sports Travel Insurance policies will cover Cancellation or Curtailment for pre-booked accommodation, flights, etc. Still, they will not cover pre-paid course fees unless agreed beforehand. If you purchase the wrong type of cover, then you could find yourself out of pocket.

Ski/Snowboard Instructor Course Providers

Here are a few Ski/Snowboard Training companies that offer courses around the world:

Instructor Qualification Levels

BASI stands for The British Association of Ski Instructors.

BASI has four distinct levels of Qualifications:

  • Level 1 - For individuals who want to teach Ski and snowboard beginners.
  • Level 2 - This allows you to teach intermediate-level students on marked slopes. It is usually recognised in most European countries outside of France.
  • Level 3 - This allows you to teach advanced students on different terrains. It also provides work in France for three years as a trainee Ski Instructor.
  • Level 4 - The highest level of qualification you can achieve. Level 4 allows you to teach all levels of skiers and are permitted to lead trainee Ski Instructors. If you have passed the Euro Test, you can work worldwide in major European destinations (such as France).

We will cover individuals with BASI qualifications up to and including Level 4.

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