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FA (Football Association)

The FA (UK Football Association) has some comprehensive guidelines for travel for Football Tours and Amateur Football Tournaments for children in the UK or overseas.

Travel Insurance is crucial if you are taking a team(s) on Tour or to a Tournament. 

Here are the Top 10 Football Association Guidelines for travel 

1. Travel Insurance       

Ensure you have appropriate travel insurance for all your players, coaches, parents and carers travelling on tour. Check that your policy covers football and tournaments as JS Travel Insurance does. Even for UK tours, as Covid-19 cover for Cancellation is essential.

2. Plan the trip

Appoint a welfare officer, have a Children Safeguarding Policy and establish a Code of Conduct. Do this at the start of the season.

3. Get Consent forms


Get a form from the parents. Always have at least two adults for over 8-year-olds. At least one adult for 16 children. Example of Consent Form

4. First Aider

Make sure there is at least one qualified First Aider within the group; you can purchase a comprehensive First Aid Kit through us (272 items in the Kit).

5. GHIC Card


When attending football tournaments in Europe, ensure everyone has a GHIC Card (Global Health Insurance Card). Apply Here 

6. Medical Conditions

Check whether any children have any Medical Conditions and ensure that their travel insurance covers them. Be it Diabetes, a recent illness or a physical injury that happened in the past, like an ACL.

7. Passports

When going overseas, ensure everyone has at least six months left on their passport before expiry.

Passport Application

8. Players

Ensure you have enough players for the tournament or tour, including reserves.

9. Medical Facilities

Confirm with Tournament Organizers or Tour destinations what Medical Facilities they have at venues and check where the nearest hospital is in case of emergencies.

10. Early Booking

Book your travel insurance for your Football tour or tournament as soon as you have the numbers going. Hence, your Cancellation cover kicks in for anyone who cannot go due to illness or if they test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of departure.


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