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Natural Catastrophe

Following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian in Florida and Typhoon Hagibis in Japan, it’s a reminder to travellers to check their Travel Insurance before travel to see if disruptions caused by Natural Catastroaree(s) are covered by policy Policy.

With the Volcanic eruption on White Island in New Zealand a few months ago and the outbreak of the Coronavirus,  this article is more relevant than ever.

This information provides critical pointers on issues relating to Natural Catastrophes and what protection JS Travel Insurance can offer.

What is a Natural Catastrophe?

Due to Global Warming, the world is experiencing a higher frequency of these events, so getting the proper protection is essential.

Before you book your trip, check to see if the Destination and selected months are prone to Natural Catastrophes. For example,

  • California has many earthquakes all year round, particularly near the San Andreas fault.
  • The Alps can sometimes get increased snow over winter, increasing the risk of Avalanches.
  • Monsoon Season in Asia becomes a breeding ground for Infectious Diseases (so make sure you NHS-recommended mended vaccinations, too !).

What to do if your Destination has been affected by a Natural Catastrophe?

  • Before booking your trip or departing, check the Foreign Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Travel Advice website to see if it’s safe to travel to your destination.
  • If the FCO issues a warning against travel, check your Policy Wording to see if it covers Cancellation or Curtailment Claims relating to Natural Catastrophes. Policies vary: some exclude cover, whilst others may include it but with certain restrictions. If you still choose to travel from the United Kingdom after a warning has been issued, you will likely invalidate the policy Policy.
  • If you are on holiday and need medical treatment, all policies provided by JS Travel Insurance will cover your Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation.

What levels of Natural Catastrophe Cover does  JS Travel Insurance offer?

JS Travel Insurance provides two levels of coverage: (1) Catastrophe and (2) Extended Journey Disruption Cover

(1) Catastrophe Cover (automatically included)

This Benefit will cover up to £250 on JS Silver or £1,000 on JS Gold or JS Platinum and no excess. Here’s what it covers:

Reasonable additional costs of travel and accommodation, wi20-mile20 mile radius, to the same standard as those on your booking to enable you to continue your trip close to that originally booked pre-booked booked accommodation has been damaged by a Natural Catastrophe.

(2) Extended Journey Disruption Cover

We’ll pay you for any unused travel and accommodation costs (up to the amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits) if you have to cancel your trip and any necessary extra travel costs if you have to cut your trip short, but please note:

  • We’ll only consider claims where the date you bought your travel insurance policy precedes the date the FCO advised against travel to your intended Destination; and
  • We’ll see only conon-refundableundable expenses on your travel insurance policy; you should contact the airline, your tour operator or your travel company for a possible refund or to see if they will amend your travel itinerary.

Available on Premier and Premier Plus policies only.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

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