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There is growing concern about the spread of the Coronavirus, which has claimed many lives and made hundreds sick in China and also around the World. Rising concern means that an international response by the Health Authorities is required.

JS Travel Insurance provides some information and guidelines regarding Travel Insurance due to this emergency medical situation and international travel.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

Update 13th February 2020

The UK Chief Medical Officer has now confirmed that a number of people have tested positive for the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

The new Coronavirus has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization.

The UK Foreign Office has banned all but Essential Travel to mainland China. British Airways and many other airlines have now suspended flights temporarily to mainland China.

Today, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to areas within the provinces on the Thailand-Malaysia border.

There has now been cases confirmed on a Cruise Liner of the coast of Japan. The policies we can provide can include Cruises as well as general travel. This can be selected at the quote stage of the purchase and includes benefits such as Cabin Confinement and Itinerary Change compensation.

Cancellation or Curtailment Cover

Your policy will cover cancellation in the event that the Foreign Office states that, on your date of departure, their travel advice against all but essential travel. JS Travel Insurance will allow cancellation claims within 48 hours of your intended date of departure as long as that advice is in place.

We’ll pay you for any unused travel and accommodation costs if you have to cancel your trip and any necessary extra travel costs if you have to cut your trip short but please note:

  • We’ll only consider claims where the date you bought your travel insurance policy precedes the date the FCO advised against travel to your intended destination; and
  • We’ll only consider non refundable expenses on your travel insurance policy, you should contact the airline, your tour operator or your travel company for a possible refund or to see if they will amend your travel itinerary.

It is always important to have a Travel Insurance policy in place before your trip and our policies cover Business as well as Leisure trips to Europe, Asia and the Rest of the World.

History of Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus started, it has been reported but not confirmed, at a live animal market in Wuhan, China. Most cases are in the central China city, which is now in quarantine. Flights, Trains and other Local Transport systems have been suspended.

The virus has also been reported in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. There has also been cases in Japan, Thailand, USA and now some cases have appeared in Mainland Europe as well as in the UK.

The Foreign Office has warned against all but essential travel to Wuhan and the rest of the Province as well as Mainland China. It is important to check the Foreign Office website regarding up to date Travel Advice. There is also an App you can download to your mobile phone, for real time travel advice updates.

Travel Insurance Benefits

When there is a concern about public health, Travel Insurance Benefits might apply in the following scenarios:

Trip Cancellation: If a traveller becomes ill and must cancel the trip or if a family member or travel companion is taken ill before the trip, then a cancellation claim can be requested.

Trip Curtailment: If you have become ill and are unable to continue with your trip and need to return home.

Emergency Medical Expenses: If you need to see a doctor whilst on your trip and medical expenses need to be paid during your trip.

Repatriation: If you need to returned back to the UK for further medical treatment.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you have any pre existing medical conditions and you are planning a trip to Asia or anywhere else in the World, it is vital that you have these covered with your travel insurance policy, especially due to the fact that there are certain pre existing medical conditions that are of a greater risk of contracting this virus.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

What can I do to limit exposure ?

The usual basic hygiene regime should be followed by anyone travelling. Wash hands with soap, keep away from anyone showing signs of a respiratory illness such as a cough or sneezing and avoid meat and egg dishes that have not been cooked properly.

When flying be aware of contact with others. If you wish, feel free to wear a protective face mask which is medically approved and may provide some protection.

I have booked a trip to China, what are my options ?

Travelling to China is not possible until the outbreak is under control and the travel restrictions have been lifted. Any British Traveller who does travel to this country against Foreign Office travel advice will not be covered even if they have a Travel Insurance policy already in place.

As mentioned, British Airways and many other airlines have temporarily suspended flights to mainland China.

You might want to check with the Airline or Tour Operator regarding your cancellation rights or if they can rearrange your trip.

What if the Foreign Office decides to change their warning against travel elsewhere in the region ?

Travel Insurance may cover some expenses and also help you to leave the area you are travelling in and get you back to the United Kingdom. However it should be stated again that your Travel Insurance policy will be invalidated if you travel to an area the Foreign Office travel advice has determined that travel to this area or country is not permitted at this time.

We can provide cover on a Single Trip, as well as an Annual Multi Trip that will allow you the peace of mind whilst travelling in Asia or anywhere else in the World.

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