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Couple Travel Insurance

If you travel with your wife, husband or partner, taking out a Couple Travel Insurance policy is cheaper than two separate policies.

What do Couple Travel Insurance policies cover?

A typical couple’s travel insurance policy will provide coverage for medical expenses and personal liability cover. However, you must check the essential facts of a policy before purchasing.

For each of you, there is a cover for cancellation as well as your baggage and valuables. The body also offers covers excursions.

Common Exclusions

While most travel insurance policies cover most of the above, only some cover Catastrophes and Airline Failures.

Another exclusion common with a couple of policies is the exclusion of pre-existing medical conditions. These must be declared whilst purchasing a Travel Insurance policy as it might invalidate a claim if you or your partner have not proclaimed the state.

There is also a single article limit about baggage and valuables cover, and you should ensure the limitations are enough for your requirements.

The Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

The Global Health Insurance Card, which can be obtained via the post office or online, provides free medical treatment in Europe in state hospitals in countries where this is available in the country that you are visiting.

Therefore, you must have one of these cards if you are travelling in Europe.

Do not consider the GHIC card the same as Travel Insurance. It is not, as it does not cover cancellation or body for any baggage or valuables that are lost or stolen.

Money Saving Tips

Taking out a couple of Travel Insurance policies is a good way of saving money. Another way to save money would be to purchase an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy if you have plans to travel more than once a year. Don’t automatically choose the cheapest option, as this might provide the cover you are looking for and may prove a false economy if you need to make a claim.

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