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Trekking (up to 6,000 metres) Travel Insurance

Trekking is an activity that can be done in many regions across the world, but remains most popular in those areas that offer spectacular views, more challenging climbs and/or the chance to see wildlife. It is an activity that combines walking and camping and is a journey made on foot, often to remote areas that cannot be accessed any other way. It is often undertaken with an emphasis on adventure and may involve walking over mountainous or other rough terrains. Treks up to 6,000 metres of altitude are among the most challenging outdoor pursuits, mainly because of the lack of oxygen in the air.

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Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Cancellation or Curtailment £3,000 £50
Medical Expenses £5,000,000 £50
Emergency Repatriation £5,000,000 £50
Personal Baggage £1,750 £50
Money & Cash £500 £50
Travel Delay £100 -
Holiday Abandonment £3,000 £50
Missed Departure £750 -
Legal Expenses £25,000 £100

Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance

JS Travel Insurance policies cover Mountain Rescue and Air Ambulance if medically necessary and this falls within the Medical Expenses claim limits. Over recent years there has been a large increase in the number of Rescue Operators. With very little regulation, the costs of rescue have escalated significantly, often with the suggestion that local guides are receiving payments from the helicopter operators. Claims for altitude sickness and the associated rescue have increased significantly with many travel insurers now excluding Trekking at high altitude as a consequence.

If you are Trekking with a reputable company, they should be happy for you to provide them with details of the Emergency Assistance Company, if you are unable to call yourself. We therefore strongly recommend that you inform your guide prior to departure.

Trekking without a Guide

JS Travel Insurance can provide cover for Trekking without a Guide. You are required to follow the safety guidelines for the Trekking and use the appropriate safety equipment. Please note that a General Exclusion of cover exists under your policy with us for claims arising directly or indirectly from your "wilful act of self exposure to peril (except where it is to save human life)".  If you require a policy that covers you for Trekking without a Guide, please go to our ADVENTURES website and select: Trekking 4,000m to 6,000m.

Common Injuries

Trekking at high altitudes, between 2,000 and 6,000 metres can be an exhilarating experience but it is possible to sustain injury, thus it is important that you are properly covered with Travel Insurance before going on a Trekking holiday.

Trekkers may face many risks including difficult terrain, adverse weather conditions, wild animals and may be subject to many illnesses ranging from dehydration to altitude sickness and physical injury. When trekking at high altitudes the air becomes thinner and oxygen becomes less available. These changes may affect your health.

Important Information

This activity does not provide Accidental Death & Disability Benefit or Personal Liability cover.

This insurance is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA, a member of the AXA Group. Inter Partner Assistance SA, an insurance company incoprorated in Belgium. whose registered office is at Avenue Louise, 166 - Bte 1 - 1050 Brussels, regulated by the Belgium Financial Services and Market Authority and by the National Bank of Belgium under code no. 0487.

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