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Netherlands Travel Insurance

A country in Western Europe, the Netherlands is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. Amsterdam is a popular destination for all Europeans as it has a famous nightlife and cafes.

  • Full Medical cover to £10m which includes Repatriation back to your home in the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands.
  • Cover starts from when you leave your home, until you return to your home
  • We can provide cover if you're taking part in a Sport or Activity. Gymnastics, Rugby and Football are popular with our customers .
  • If you have a pre existing medical condition, we can provide Travel Insurance for your trip to the Netherlands.

To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us on 0800 047 5065 (FREEPHONE) or 01273 773 017 info@jsinsurance.co.uk

JS Travel Insurance can now provide cover for your Gadgets, such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computer Game Consoles. You will be able to select this cover on the quote page of our website.

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Travel Insurance Premiums for The Netherlands

Here are some example quotes based on a 25 year old travelling to the Netherlands (excluding pre existing medical conditions).

Single Trip (One Week) Single Trip (Two Weeks) Annual Multi Trip
£6.88 £9.04 £29.58

Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation or Curtailment £1,000 £3,000 £7,500
Medical and Repatriation £10,000,000 £10,000,000 £10,000,000
Personal Baggage £1,000 £1,500 £2,500
Personal Money £150 £500 £750
Delayed Departure £100 £1,000 £1,000
Missed Departure £250 £500 £1,000
Legal Expenses £25,000 £25,000 £25,000
Scheduled Airline Failure £1,500 £1,500 £1,500

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you have pre existing medical conditions and you plan to travel to the Netherlands, we are able to provide you with a policy. If you want to get a quote online, you can go to our dedicated website for pre existing medical conditions.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.


Amsterdam - Stroll along the quaint village of Amsterdam or enjoy its vibrant nightlife that really is second to none. Don’t leave Amsterdam without travelling along the city’s iconic canal by boat, and visiting one of their top class museums, such as the Anne Frank Museum. This city is filled with rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks that cannot be missed. Relax in a cafe with a coffee or take advantage of Amsterdam’s lenient laws and have a great night out on the town. Amsterdam has something for everyone.

Rotterdam - Marvel the biggest port on earth in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The second largest city in The Netherlands is also the busiest, with many waterways and canals crossing through the city. It also contains futuristic and modern architecture, and is one of the liveliest cities in the Netherlands, with numerous museums and dining options readily available.

The Hague - Visit the large government buildings of The Hague, Netherlands. With the Royal Family also residing within this large city, it’s a wonder why this isn’t the capital. The city prides itself on being multicultural and more laid back than Amsterdam, so you are sure to find something for the whole family to do. It is also a popular seaside resort, as it is lying on the North Sea.

Travel Risks in The Netherlands

Take care particularly in central Amsterdam and especially in and around Central Station. Pickpocketing and bag snatching are common. Be vigilant of your surroundings and belongings at all times.

Be aware in clubs and bars, as it has been reported that females and solo travellers have had their drink spiked. Never leave your drink unattended or where you can’t see it, and if you suspect you have been spiked, call the emergency services immediately at 112.

Caution is also advised when trying substances, although some are decriminalised in The Netherlands, be vigilant of the strength and the make up of what you are consuming.

Embassy | Consulates

British Embassy in The Netherlands

Address: Lange Voorhout 10, 2514 ED The Hague, Netherlands

Telephone:(0)70 4270 427

Email: ukinnl@fco.gov.uk

British Consulate General Amsterdam

Address: Koningslaan 44, 1075 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)70 4270 427

Visa Requirements for The Netherlands

Nationals of the European Union do not require a Visa for a stay of up to 90 days.

EHIC (European Health Card Insurance)

Your EHIC card will cover you for emergency healthcare in the Netherlands, but make sure you have the correct Travel Insurance before you leave the UK, in case you fall ill or have an accident.

Living in The Netherlands

World Nomads offers Travel Insurance if you are living in the Netherlands.

You can also add high value items, such as Sports Gear, Technical Equipment and Cameras, and Personal Items.


Already Travelled

World Nomads also offers Travel Insurance if you have already left your home country and you are in the Netherlands. You can also add Sports and Activities to the policy, as well as High Value Items.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

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