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Cheer Worlds 2023

Have you got Travel Insurance to cover you or a member of your family for Cheerleading Worlds 2024? 

The Cheerleading World Championships will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Orlando, Florida.

Friday 26th  to Monday 29th April 2024

Highlights of our Cheerleading Travel Insurance: 

  • Cover for Independent children (i.e. 17 and under) – must be accompanied by an adult but not necessarily insured by us
  • Cover for Amateur Cheerleading Competitions
  • It Covers Stunting and Tumbling, Air acrobatics
  • Medical and Emergency Expenses, including Repatriation back to the UK up to £10,000,000 (Covers Covid-19)
  • Cover for Pre-existing Medical Conditions


We recommend booking the travel insurance early so you can provide this to your trip organizers; please follow the steps below to obtain a cheerleading policy for this Event.

Are you obtaining a Travel Insurance policy for Cheerleading Worlds 2024?

Cheerleading Worlds 2022

You will require a specific cover for Cheerleading, including Stunting, Acrobatics and Somersaults. We can cover for you!


To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us at 0800 043 0020 / support@jsinsurance.co.uk


Questions asked by customers about our Cheerleading cover

Am I covered if I get injured or have an accident during Cheerleading Stunting or Acrobatics?

You will be covered under Medical and Emergency Expenses and Repatriation for up to £10,000,000.

Am I covered for COVID-19 on this policy?

If you contract it while away, you are covered for Covid-19 on this policy. The cover includes Medical Expenses and Repatriation.

Please Note: Medical Expenses are covered for Covid-19 with this Policy.

Can you cover an Independent Child on this policy?

You can book a policy for a child (17 years and under) on their own. However, an Insured Adult must accompany them on the trip.


Can JS cover me if I am not stunting or tumbling and require cheerleading travel insurance?

A: Yes, JS Travel Insurance has a policy that can cover you for Cheerleading (Amateur Competitions). GET A QUOTE

PLEASE NOTE: This will strictly not allow any Stunting, and you will not be covered. This is only if you are ground-based and have No lifting or Acrobatics.

We also cover ground-level cheerleading training with no stunting.

Can this policy cover a cheerleading team?

Yes, we have covered many cheerleading teams, including Team England, for travelling to worlds, the summit, and the qualification stages for future cheer; we can offer a 10% discount if you cover five or more cheerleading travellers on one policy.

Can I get cover for Cheerleading if I have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

You can get coverage, including a pre-existing medical condition, by reviewing the medical screening questions through the quote from this LINK.

Please Note: If you have to claim and have not declared your pre-existing medical condition, then the Insurer may not accept the claim.

Medical Facilities at the Worlds

Great support here for Cheerleaders

  1.  First Aid Stations – Medical professionals will care for your wounds, pain relief medication, and Nausea medication.
  2. The Urgent Care Center: Here, you can get x-rays, stitches, and IV fluids.
  3. Celebration Hospital – 10 miles from ESPN World Center for more severe injuries.

Then there are also Physical Trainers, Massage Therapists and Physios available.

History of Worlds

cheerleading Worlds 2022

Worlds are the final end-of-season Event for senior-level six and seven teams. The Cheerleading Worlds began in 2004 with just two divisions and now hosts hundreds of groups competing in over 25 Divisions. Thousands of young athletes worldwide contest for the world champion title.

2024 Divisions

Ages 14+ compete in the following divisions:

  • Extra Small Senior 6
  • Extra Small Coed 6
  • Small Senior 6
  • Small Coed 6
  • Medium Senior 6
  • Medium Coed 6
  • Large Senior 6
  • Large Coed 6
  • Limited Extra Small/Small 6
  • Limited Extra Small Coed 6
  • Limited Small Coed 6
  • Senior Open 6
  • Senior Open Small Coed 6
  • Old Open Large Coed 6
  • IASF Open 5
  • IASF Open Small Coed 5
  • IASF Open Large Coed 5
  • IASF Global Club 6
  • IASF Global Club Coed 6
  • IASF Open 6
  • IASF Open Small Coed 6
  • IASF Open Large Coed 6
  • IASF Non-Tumbling 6
  • IASF Non-Tumbling Coed 6
  • IASF Open 7
  • IASF Open Small Coed 7
  • IASF Open Large Coed 7
  • IASF Open Non-Tumbling 7
  • IASF Open Non-Tumbling Coed 7

Worlds Video

Other Cheerleading Competitions we have covered for this year

Good Luck!

If you have booked via JS Travel Insurance for Cheerleading Worlds 2024, we would like to say Thank you and Good Luck to you and your team!