Top 10 checklist for travelling to Cheer Worlds 2024🤸‍♂️📣🥇

Cheer Worlds 2023

Top 10 checklist for travel to the Cheer Worlds  

Pack the right way 

The Passport has six months left to Expiry 

Obtain ESTA

Book travel insurance early 

Get insurance coverage for Stunting, Tumbling, and Competition 

Coaches Safety courses 

Get Fit before you go 

Sort Phone charges before you go 

Essentials for when you are in the USA 

Make sure any Medical conditions are declared on your Insurance 


  1. Pack the right way.

This is more important than you think; you should have a checklist of everything you need. There is a good list here: Cheer Packing List

Your uniform – the essential clothes you will be taking: fold it inside out so if it does get any marks or stains on it, then it will only be on the inside, and no one will be able to see them ( unless they are mega big blotches  ). 

Please put it in a separate bag and zip-lock it; please take it as hand luggage so it doesn’t get lost in the hold. 



  1. Ensure your Passport has at least six months left to expire from April 25.

Your Passport should have an expiry post October 25 2024; many countries will not allow you in at your date of arrival or departure if your Passport does not have six months plus left on Expiry. To renew your Passport, go to The Passport Web Page

If you leave earlier than April 25, six months from that date. 


Passport image – can be used from other blogs – make sure it’s the new UL passport. 

  1. Obtain your ESTA before you travel. 

 ( USA Electronic System for Travel Authorisation)  Make sure you get one before you travel. Seventy-two hours before you travel, or your airline will not allow you on the plane if you do not show this upon boarding the plane for the USA.



4.. Get Travel Insurance plenty of time before you go so that you are covered for Cancellation

Cancellation benefit is when you have booked a trip or a holiday or, in this case, the cost of the Cheerleading trip to the world, and you become ill or a close relative becomes sick before you go and cannot travel. Get a Quote Here for Cheerleading Travel Insurance. 

It should also cover you for Covid if you test positive before you leave. 

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  1. Stunting and Tumbling – Make sure your travel insurance covers these.

Many travel insurance policies cover Cheerleading but make an exclusion for Stunting and Tumbling. 

If these are part of your routines in practice and competition, then check with your provider that they are covered.

Get Covered Here

Same with Competitions, many insurers will cover Cheerleading but exclude competitions,

Cheerleading Worlds 2024
Stunting and Tumbling
  1. Coaches – you can go on a safety course; this would be advised 

These are available with the BCQ ( British Cheerleading Qualifications ); you can take BCQ1, which can be done online. Includes Spotting techniques consisting of 3 Sections: Fundamentals, Building and Tumbling. There are three further qualifications for a Coach to progress. 

Also, the US is strict on Safety; check out their rules and guidelines before you go. 

See Safety Guidelines form 2022 

  1. Make sure you are ready fitness-wise – Cheerleading with stunts can be a dangerous sport, and there are many concussions ( mainly in practice ), so practice and get fit before you go. 

Practice your routines and make sure you are in the best shape possible. 

Don’t overtrain, as this can lead to wearing joints; ensure you are fresh for the competition. Stretch, stretch, stretch …… 

And deal with the Jet lag as soon as possible when you get there.   

  1. Mobile Phone Data – Prepare to keep charges  down 

Phone charges can become extortionate while using your phone in the USA unless you have an International Plan on your Phone contract. If you don’t have one or the International Plan is too expensive, turn off roaming and use wifi wherever you are 

And buying a travel sim card before you go as that will cut costs. Note that you will then have a different number. Or get a US SIM on arrival.

You can purchase only USA e-SIM on arrival for roaming ( you will still need to pay for calls and texts ) 

Back up Wifi
Wifi-F sim card for USA
  1. What you need while you are there 

Waterproof top: It is hot there, but it does rain, so pack one.

Sun cream – Get a waterproof one. You’ll need it when in a pool or water park. 

England flags, t-shirts, pins, etc – you can roar on Team England and exchange them with other countries at the end. 

Cooling Spray: It’s hot, and this will help; drink lots of water. 

First Aid kit 

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

  1. Make sure your Insurance covers your pre-existing medical conditions 

The USA is an expensive country for Medical costs, one of the highest in the world. If you have any medical conditions at all : 

Declare them when purchasing your Insurance so that they are covered. Be it Asthma, a nut allergy or a previous broken arm or leg. That way, you are covered if anything happens to you while you are on your trip. 

Again, contact JS Insurance, who can include these in your Policies.