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A specialist Golf Travel Insurance policy is vital if you plan a trip to Spain or further afield, such as a Golf trip in the USA.

Golf Travel Insurance is different from a standard policy as it is tailored specifically to your needs as a golfer. It comes with a range of extra extras when going on a golf holiday.

This cover can provide peace of mind if you are an avid golfer and plan to spend most of your holiday playing golf.

What does Golf Travel Insurance cover?

Typically, Golf Insurance cover includes loss, theft and accidental damage to your golf equipmentincluding golf clubs, while you are away. It also covers non-refundable green fees which you have paid for.

Some policies include financial failure protection as standard; this will protect you if an “end user” such as a travel company, hotel or scheduled airline goes into administration.

Other Travel Insurance cover to remember is Personal Property, Personal Money and Missed Departure.

Does my Travel Insurance policy cover injuries?

Golf is classed as a “low-risk” sport by travel insurance providers. A standard travel insurance policy would cover any injuries whilst playing golf. If you injure someone else while playing golf, you are unlikely to be covered – unless it states on your certificate that your policy covers additional cover while playing the sport.

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