EHIC and Travel Insurance after Brexit

If you a planning a trip to Europe this summer, you are probably packing your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card entitles you to state provided medical treatment should you need it when you are visiting most European countries.

This card is not a substitute fro Travel Insurance as it does not cover Repatriation back to the United Kingdom or some Pre Existing Medical Conditions.

This card will also not cover you whilst you are taking part in Sports and Activities.

The United Kingdom has issued 27 million European Health Insurance Cards.


What is going to happen when (if) the United Kingdom leaves the European Union? There is a possibility that during the transitional period up until 21st December 2020, the same rules will apply concerning the European Health Insurance Card. Any agreement between the UK and Europe will need to be agreed by all countries of the European Union. It is unclear as to what will happen after this transition period. The UK Government have asked that the EHIC should remain available for those who are travelling to other European countries.

You should, as mentioned elsewhere in this article, purchase a Travel Insurance Policy as well as taking your EHIC with you on holiday. We can provide cover on a Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip or Backpacker policy that will allow you piece of mind whilst travelling in Europe.

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