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Top 10 Tips for Cheaper Travel Insurance

I am looking for ways to get Cheaper Travel Insurance.

JS Travel insurance breaks down ten ways to make your Travel Insurance coverage cheaper:

1. Take out benefits like Cancellation from your quote


If you are booking your Travel Insurance close to the departure date and it’s doubtful that you will need to cancel. If you are travelling light, Exclude Baggage and Personal Property. This will make the Premium cheaper than you pay. You can do this on Just Travel and Good to Go.

2. Buy an Annual Multi-Trip Policy

If you travel several times a year, taking out an Annual Multi-Trip policy might be cheaper. Annual Multi-Trip cover can be from £29.00, and remember, Trip Durations will be to a maximum of 31 days each, or there is an option of 45 days on the Platinum cover. Get a quote here. Annual Travel Insurance

3. Exclude your Medical Conditions 

If you are not worried about your pre-existing medical conditions while away, buy a Single Trip Policy that excludes them. You need to declare them in the purchase process and specify that you want them banned from the Policy. Just Travel provides this; you need to be able to have a quote presented first and then exclude the conditions. Call us to process this for you at 0800 043 0020.

You can also provide a policy that excludes your medical conditions on a Single Trip or an Annual policy. You can do this online through our partner Globalink International Travel Insurance. It also covers European Residents.

4. Get a GHIC (Global  Health Insurance Card) or register for Medicare in Australia 


Which gives you free healthcare whilst abroad. Apply HERE

5. Buy an Annual  Policy before you reach 65 or 75

Most Travel Insurers will increase rates for those over 65s. You may not be travelling for a while, but booking your Travel Insurance before you turn this age will still be a cost-saving.

The same if you are 74 years of age. Getting a Travel Insurance policy at this age is much more expensive.  

6. Increase your Excess 

If you are pretty healthy and you think it unlikely that you will claim, increase your excess, and the Premium will be reduced. 

7. Buy an Excess Waiver

On the other hand, if you think you may claim due to bad health or being accident-prone, then do the opposite and ask for an excess waiver; this will increase your Premium, but in the event of a claim, the excess will not be deducted from your claim amount.

8. Be Insured just for the days you are doing an activity or sport  

If you are doing an activity or sport while you are away and it is just for, say, two days out of the seven days you are away, you can get travel insurance for that activity or sport for those two days rather than travel insurance for the entire trip. Adventures offer this cover on Part A policies only

If you are not concerned about other risks while not doing the sport or activity, you already have a Travel Insurance policy that does not cover the sport or activity. This reduces the length of the Policy and might lessen the Premium.

So if you are going away for a week and are Paragliding just for three days, then you can book the Policy just for those three days.

9. Check your Credit Card, Bank Account Benefits, or Home Insurance

Bank benefits for travel insurance

(Check All Risks) as you may already have Travel Insurance with these products. Be careful; they often exclude pre-existing medical conditions and specific sports and activities.

All Risks can be significant if you have high-value items as many travel insurance policies have a Single Article Limit of not more than £500 and for Sports Equipment not more than £600. 

10. Ask for a discount !!

Discount Travel Insurance

If you book a Group Policy, say ten people or more, the Broker will often give you a discount to secure the sale. 

And suppose you are paying a high premium for an Activity Policy. In that case, again, the broker can reduce the Premium, which means they will reduce their commission, but they can still provide the Policy.