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Scuba Diving (up to 40 metres) Travel Insurance

When Scuba Diving, a Diver carries a variable mix of oxygen and air, as opposed to simply holding their breath. Scuba Divers are able to cover much greater distances underwater, while also reaching greater depths.

Scuba Diving is mainly a recreational activity that is quite popular during holidays in tropical places. Sometimes, however, it also done by Professional Divers, whether it is for Spear Fishing, Rescue, Scientific Research, Underwater Photography or even Combat.

Scuba is an abbreviation that stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, which explains the sports name. There are two types of scubas; the open-circuit tank, with which the exhaled breath is emitted into the water, causing the typical bubbles; and the (semi) closed circuit tank, also called a rebreather, with which carbon dioxide is removed from exhaled gases and oxygen is re added via an oxygen feeder tank.

We can provide cover for those who wish to do Night Scuba Diving as well.

Please visit our website ADVENTURES for a policy and select Scuba Diving (including Night Diving) down to 50m.

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Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Limit Per Person Excess
Cancellation or Curtailment £3,000 £50
Medical Expenses £5,000,000 £50
Emergency Repatriation £5,000,000 £50
Personal Baggage £1,750 £50
Money & Cash £500 £50
Travel Delay £100 -
Holiday Abandonment £3,000 £50
Missed Departure £750 -
Legal Expenses £25,000 £100

Scuba Diving (up to 40 metres)

People who want to dive deeper than 18 metres must be PADI qualified. Generally speaking, most recreational dives are up to 30 metres deep, meaning that all participants need to have a PADI certificate. Depending on the official diving agencies of specific destinations, recreational dives are limited to a depth of 42 to 50 metres. Simply put, 50 metres is as deep you can go on a recreational dive anywhere in the world, while 40 metres is the limited in a number of specific destinations.

Provided you are diving with a certified Instructor or Guide, Scuba Diving is covered by your Travel Insurance to the confirmed depths per Certification Grade, as you can see below. If you are qualified, and are not Scuba Diving alone, you are covered when you stay within the guidelines of the particular training or diving or training organisation or agency.

  • PADI Open Water - 18 metres
  • PADI Advanced Open Water - 30 metres
  • BSAC Ocean Diver - 20 metres
  • BSAC Sports Diver - 35 metres
  • BSAC Dive Leader - 50 metres

When you want to go Scuba Diving to a depth of 40 metres, you will be covered by our Travel Insurance only if you have a BSAC Dive Leader Certification and stay within the applicable guidelines of the respective company, agency or organisation that you use.

Common Injuries whilst Scuba Diving

While Scuba Diving is an exciting and popular sport, it is possible to sustain injuries or illness when diving. Some of these include:

30 metres is the depth at which symptoms of nitrogen narcosis can occur, so when diving up to 40 metres, it is vital that you pay attention to your body, your techniques and to take breaks to let your body accommodate to the pressure. Needless to say; at a depth of 40 metres, the risks are higher than at shallower depths.

Scuba Diving Equipment

If you are not an experienced Scuba Diver, but simply want to explore the aquatic world whilst abroad, the equipment you will need should all be provided to you. Some of the basic scuba equipment that an experienced Diver should equip themselves with includes a mask, snorkel, fins, oxygen tank, wet suit, first-aid kit, tank pressure gauge, underwater compass and timer, diving knife, depth gauge, and an underwater light.

Important Information

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection.

You are not covered if you dive within 24 hours of departure of your return trip to your home country.

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