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Rock Climbing Travel Insurance

Rock Climbing is essentially nothing more than ascending a steep, sometimes even vertical or overhanging, object by using ones own feet and hands.

Often times, however, there is equipment involved, mostly for safety reasons, but also for technical aid. The sport is done indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor Rock Climbing facilities are great for practicing and training; the actual Rock Climbing is done on Mountains, on Cliffs or in Canyons, where it is known as Canyoning.

We have partnered with Globelink International, who provide Rock Climbing. You will be able to select this activity when you have chosen a policy that meets your requirements. You will need to add Hazardous Activity 3 to the quote that you have selected. These policies are available for United Kingdom Residents as well as Residents of other European countries.


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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is both a Recreational and Professional activity, done by various kinds of people. Recreational Climbing is definitely the most common type. It can be done by pretty much anyone who is in decent physical shape and is not afraid of heights.

Professional Climbing is the realm of the very best climbers, who are sometimes sponsored by brands associated with Adventure Sports. Other times, their job requires them to climb rocks, mountain slopes and other steep areas. Professional Climbers range from Soldiers and Firemen to Lumberjacks and Emergency Rescuers.

There are many varieties in Rock Climbing styles, ranging from Bouldering and Coasteering to Canyoning and Mountaineering to free solo climbing. Logically, there is also wide variety in the level of danger in these types of Rock Climbing.

Rock Climbing Equipment

With the exception of Free Climbing and Rock Scrambling, Rock Climbing generally involves quite a lot of equipment. Basic Rock Climbing gear includes a helmet, a harness, carabiners, ropes and cords, cams and slings, and quickdraws.

Climbing without safety equipment is extremely dangerous and is absolutely not recommended. Always make sure that your gear is working test it beforehand and prepare yourself for a climb by getting in shape and by practicing in an indoor climbing facility. Rock Climbing is an incredibly exciting, thrilling, rewarding and fun sport, but only if you make it back to the bottom safely!

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