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Martial Arts Travel Insurance - JS Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for a Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip or a Long Stay policy, when you are taking part in Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Travel Insurance

Martial Arts is the general name for a wide variety of combat sports. These sports are practiced for many different reasons and with various purposes. Martial arts can be practiced for mental, spiritual and physical growth, but also for self defense, entertainment and competition. The name “martial arts” comes from Latin and refers to Mars, the Roman god of war “arts of Mars”. That name is a bit misleading, though, because many martial arts are and were never actually used in warfare or in battle.

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History of Martial Arts

The name Martial Arts comes from Latin and refers to Mars, the Roman god of war arts of Mars. That name is a bit misleading, though, because many martial arts are and were never actually used in warfare or in battle.

Nowadays, Martial Arts is often synonymous with East Asian fighting sports. The history of Martial Arts, however, covers the entire world and spans many thousands of years. Depictions from Ancient Egypt dating as far back as 3400 BC show some kind of combat. And archaeological evidence from places as far apart as Babylonia and Vietnam proves that combat and struggles with swords, sticks and spears took place in ancient times as well. Chinese Martial Arts came into existence some 4,000 years ago.

The earliest forms of Martial Arts in Europe date from Ancient Greece, where boxing and wrestling were some of the earliest Olympic Games. In Ancient Rome, gladiators used martial arts to make it out of the colosseums alive. Martial Arts developed and evolved all over Asia and Europe, from samurai sword fighting and Indian combat arts in Asia to medieval swordsmanship in Europe.

Modern Martial Arts evolved from already existing combat systems in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is when popular martial arts such as judo, kendo, karate, jujutsu and muay Thai got their current rules and regulations. Boxing, fencing and wrestling became official sports in Europe. Later in the 1900s, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and capoeira were invented.

Martial Arts are considered to be excellent sports for physical, mental and spiritual development because they often require both physical and mental training. As physical fitness improves, mental health usually gets better as well and there is always a strong focus on concentration, determination, self-esteem and self-control. Although some martial arts schools focus on mental well being and physical fitness and have eliminated the competitive aspect of the sports, there are still many Martial Arts that are executed competitively. Well-known competitive Martial Arts include Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Boxing and Fencing.

If you are a Martial Artist and are travelling to compete in a Martial Arts Competition, no matter in which discipline, you are strongly encouraged to get proper insurance. They are combat and contact sports, after all, and there is always a chance of sustaining an injury. The single trip policy will be sufficient if you are taking part in an amateur competition just once. In case you enter competitions more than once a year, you are advised to take a look at the annual policy.

Popular Locations for Martial Arts

Martial Arts events and competitions take place all over the world nowadays. However, there are still places where Martial Arts are more popular than elsewhere.

Common Injuries whilst taking part in Martial Arts

A very physically demanding activity, Martial Arts is essentially one-on-one combat. This makes it a potentially dangerous sport as well. Again, if you plan to compete in whichever kind of Martial Arts, make sure that you are properly insured, just in case you get injured and need medical attention.

Martial Arts Equipment

The wide variety in Martial Arts makes that equipment is extremely varied as well. Almost all competitive Martial Arts require some kind of protective wear, especially the sparring sports such as boxing, muay Thai and kickboxing. This protective gear includes gloves and headwear. Other martial arts may require other specialised equipment such as swords and other weapons, and specific clothing.

Martial Arts training also demands some equipment. Getting in proper physical shape is done with free weights, skipping ropes, punch bags, breaking boards, wooden dummies and so on.

If you are taking part in Martial Arts whilst away, it is important to purchase Travel Insurance before you leave the country. If it’s just going to be one trip, you will be okay with our Single Trip policy. Those who plan to do more than one trip a year might want to look at the option of a Annual Multi Trip policy.

Important Note:

You are required at all times to wear the appropriate safety equipment, for example protective clothing and / or suitable head protection.

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