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Important Information About Our Policies

Please note, our policies do not provide cover for cancellation, abandonment or curtailment claims if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises against all or "all but essential" travel.

Our policies will also not cover any claims caused by or relating to Coronavirus, COVID-19, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COV-2), any mutation of Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARs-COV-2 or any pandemic or fear or threat of any the above. We also can not cover any claims relating to any fear or threat concerning these viruses. This general exclusion applies to all sections of cover except for the Emergency Medical Expenses section. Click here for more information.

Kitesurfing Travel Insurance Quote

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Kitesurfing Travel Insurance

If you plan to take part in Kitesurfing whilst away from your home, you are advised to have a Travel Insurance policy in place. To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us on 0800 047 5065 (FREEPHONE) or 01273 773 017 info@jsinsurance.co.uk Summary of Cover

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If you plan to take part in Kitesurfing whilst away from your home, you are advised to have a Travel Insurance policy in place.

To get a quote by telephone or email, contact us on 0800 047 5065 (FREEPHONE) or 01273 773 017 info@jsinsurance.co.uk

Summary of Cover

Section & Cover Silver Gold Platinum
Cancellation or Curtailment £1,000 £3,000 £7,500
Medical and Repatriation £10,000,000 £10,000,000 £10,000,000
Personal Baggage £1,000 £1,500 £2,500
Personal Money £150 £500 £750
Delayed Departure £100 £1,000 £1,000
Missed Departure £250 £500 £1,000
Legal Expenses £25,000 £25,000 £25,000
Scheduled Airline Failure £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Standard Excess* £100 £50 £35

*The excess payable does vary depending on the claim benefit.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions of this policy offered by JS Travel Insurance.

This policy for Kitesurfing is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities and Insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG, UK. Travel Insurance Facilities are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Union Reiseversicherung AG are authorised by BaFin and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Popular Locations

Le Morne, Mauritius

Le Morne forms a peninsula on the south western most tip of the island. With around 300 windy days a year and winds reaching up to 30 knots it is a Mecca for kite surfers.

Boracay, Philippines

The island of Boracay is located approximately 200 miles south of Manila and is known as the best kite surfing spot in Asia.

It is a great place to learn how to kite surf or to develop new skills; there are plenty of kites urfing schools in Boracay to choose from.

November through to April is the best time to Kitesurfing here as the waters are shallow and flat on shore.

Tarifa, Spain

Located in the Straight of Gibraltar, this area is a popular location for kite surfers from all over the world as the straight forms a wind tunnel with winds often reaching up to 40 knots.

Nabq, Egypt

Nabq is located on the south-eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula between Sharm-el-Sheikh and Dahab; it is a popular spot for kite surfers due to its constant high winds (blowing 20 knots or more) and the vast stretch of shallow of water making it an ideal spot for beginners or the more advanced kite surfer learning new tricks.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is credited for being the birthplace of modern Kitesurfing in the 90s and was home to the first competition in sport.

There is a designated spot for Kitesurfing called Kanaha Beach, also known as the Kite Beach due to the high number of kite surfers that flock there. Kanaha Beach attracts people of all levels, from the first timer to the seasoned professional.

Cumbuco, Brazil

Cumbuco is a small fishing village in the North East of Brazil, 40 minutes north of Fortaleza. It is known as one of the best places in the world to Kitesurfing due to its spectacular lagoons and endless beaches.

Cumbuco has perfect conditions for Kitesurfing, with mild air an ocean temperatures and strong consistent winds from June through to February.

Popular Kite Surfing Competitions

Rodrigues International Kitesurf Festival, Mauritius

The Rodrigues International Kite Surf Festival is an annual event held on Rodrigues Island, 550 kilometres north east of the Island of Mauritius. The event is open to amateurs and professionals and takes place in June.

Miami Kite boarding Masters

The Miami Kite boarding Masters is held in Crandon Park, Miami in spring of each year and is the longest running kiting competition in Florida.

The competition is open to professional and semi professional kite surfers and is divided into Men's, Women's and Junior Racing and Freestyle events.

Bridge of the Gods Kite boarding Festival

The Bridge of the Gods Kite boarding festival is the longest running amateur Kite Boarding competition in the USA; it takes place at Columbia River Gorge, Washington in July of each year hosting amateurs and professionals from around the world.

Common Injuries 

Because of the high speed and inherent nature of Kitesurfing there are a number of potentially fatal risks. It is therefore always recommended to have a few lessons with an experienced Instructor to learn the basic principles of the sport before going out on your own.

Most Kitesurfing accidents and fatalities are the result of being either dragged out of control by big gusts of wind or by colliding with other objects, including sand.

Hitting the water at certain speeds or from a height can also cause injuries.

Once again because of the high speeds and high winds there is the risk of the kite strings getting tangled and its important to have a system where the kite lines can be detached and to carry a knife to cut the lines if need be.

Kitesurfing in off shore winds is also strongly discouraged due to the risk of being taken further out to sea than the surfer can easily swim back.

You also face the risk of sharks, crocodiles and other such marine life forms, depending on the area in which you are going Kitesurfing.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you have pre existing medical conditions and you plan to do some Kitesurfing whilst travelling abroad, we are able to provide you with a policy.

On the quote page you need to select Hazardous Activity Pack A.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

European and Worldwide Residents

World Nomads offers Travel Insurance if you are a Resident of a European or Worldwide country and you are planning to take part in Kitesurfing whilst on your trip.

This policy can also be purchased if you are already away from your home country and will be going Kite Surfing whilst on your trip.

You can also add High Value Items, such as Sports Gear, Technical Equipment and Cameras, and Personal Items.


Please check the Terms and Conditions for any Restrictions or Exclusions.

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