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Sailing / Yachting (Inside Territorial Waters) Travel Insurance Calculator

If you are going to more than one country, take care to select the region that will cover all of the countries you are visiting. For example, if you are travelling to France and Spain you should select Europe 3.

UNITED KINGDOM: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man

EUROPE 1: France, Germany, Belgium, Holland

EUROPE 2: Means the continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains including the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and all countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, but excluding Spain and The Canarary Islands

EUROPE 3: Same as Europe 2 but including Spain, The Canarary Islands


WORLDWIDE 1 (RESTRICTED WORLDWIDE): Means anywhere in the world except USA, Canada and the Caribbean

WORLDWIDE 2: Means anywhere in the world

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Sailing / Yachting (Inside Territorial Waters) Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip, when you are participating in Sailing / Yachting (Within Territorial Waters) .

JS Insurance can provide a 'one off' day for Sailing / Yachting (Within Territorial Waters) or cover for your entire trip.

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JS Insurance provides Repatriation cover back to the United Kingdom, if you are ill, injured or die whilst abroad.

This is covered under the Emergency Medical Assistance section of the policy.

Air Ambulance:

We provide cover for any necessary costs you incur from a specialist local rescue organisation for rescue and emergency transfer to a hospital in the event of an accident whilst you are participating in Sailing / Yachting (Within Territorial Waters). Air Ambulance costs are covered for a period not exceeding 72 hours from the time in which assistance is first summoned.

Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

The Adventure policy provides cover for a wide range of pre-existing medical condition(s), thus making sure the medical condition does not stop you from enjoying your trip.


Popular Areas:

America is one of the places that is popular for those who wish to go on a sailing holiday.

For sailing holidays in America, the most popular areas include:

  • California
  • San Francisco
  • Florida
  • New York
  • New England and
  • Chesapeake Bay

Outside of America, popular areas include:

  • Greece
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Montenegro
  • Malta
  • The Caribbean
  • Thailand
  • Seychelles

Always make sure you have the correct travel insurance when going on a sailing holiday to protect you.

Common Injuries:

Abrasions, cuts, bruises, avulsions and burns are all common injuries that can occur as result of sailing. It is therefore important to make sure you are covered with travel insurance when looking to go on a sailing holiday. First Aid knowledge will help you when sailing to deal with any injuries that may occur before you can seek medical assistance.

You should also wear the appropriate attire when embarking on a sailing holiday, including boat shoes, sailing boots, jackets and hats.

Travel insurance to cover your possessions when sailing is also vital.

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