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Ski Instructor Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides cover for taking a Ski Instructor Course or you are a Ski Instructor, you will need to choose the Winter Sports Option.

There is no Personal Liability cover for Ski Instructors as this would be covered by your Employer.

There are options available such as Single Trip, Annual, Longstay or Seasonaire policies.


JS Travel Insurance are introducers to MPI BROKERS.

Cancellation or Curtailment Cover

Regarding Cancellation And Curtailment cover relating to Ski / Snowboarder Course Fees.

Cancellation cover applies in relation to Course Fees up to the total Cancellation cover limit specified, if you are unable to commence the course due to illness or injury.

Curtailment cover relating to Course Fees would only be covered up to the cover limit specified if your injury or illness led you to being Repatriated back to the United Kingdom.

We are able to increase Cancellation or Curtailment Cover to an extra £5,000 after you have selected a quote.

Teaching Children

Teaching Children to Ski  and Snowboard can be a challenging process. Children tend to have a much shorter attention span than adults.

This can be difficult after a short while on the slope as it may start becoming more and more difficult to relay information over to the children.

This can cause issues as they need to understand how to stay safe whilst learning to Ski or Snowboard.

Falling over and not getting techniques right within the first few goes can upset children, meaning you have to give them support, encouragement and praise all the time to keep them involved with the lessons and feeling confident with their progress.

Ski / Snowboard lessons are a great way to boost confidence for those children who lack is as it allows them to pick up new skills and independence.

It is also important to have breaks, kids love having fun and will want the chance to play in the snow as well as having a drink and snack to keep them fueled for the day.

They are much smaller of course and vulnerable to the cold so make sure they have the correct Clothing and Equipment to keep them warm and safe for a long day on the slopes !

Sports Equipment Insurance for a Ski Instructor

A pair of skis and a pair of ski poles are needed to be a Ski Instructor. The skis need to be well maintained to assure good sliding, while the poles are essential for the skiers to keep their balance. Additional equipment includes ski clothing, a helmet and ski boots.

We have partnered with a HB Insurance who can provide cover for your Ski Equipment, in transit, storage and whilst being used.


With Skiing Equipment cover starting from £61 and covering anything from £2,000 to £10,000, there is a policy to suit.

To discuss your requirements and to get a quote, please contact them on 0345 450 8547 or by email: sales@harrison-beaumont.com

Please use the Reference: JS Travel Insurance.

Ski Instructor Course Providers

Here are a few Ski / Snowboard Training Companies who offer Courses around the world:

Instructor Qualification Levels

The British Association of Ski Instructors (BASI) has four levels of Qualifications:

Level 1 - For individuals who want to teach Ski / Snowboard beginners.

Level 2 - Allows you to teach intermediate level students on marked slopes. Usually recognised in most European countries outside of France.

Level 3 - Allows you to teach advanced students on different terrains. Also allows work in France for 3 years as a trainee Ski Instructor.

Level 4 - The highest level of qualification you can achieve. Level 4 allows you to teach all levels of Skiers / Snowboarders and are allowed to lead trainee Ski Instructors. You can work Worldwide including major European destinations (such as France) if you have passed the Euro Test.

We will provide cover for individuals who have BASI qualifications up to and including Level 4.

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