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Jersey Resident Travel Insurance - JS Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and a Long Stay policy for those who are Resident in Jersey.

Jersey Resident Travel Insurance.

After Great Britain terminated (parts of) the previous arrangements concerning health care with the Channel Islands in 2009, Residents of Jersey find themselves in a rather more complicated situation than before if they want to travel abroad. This basically means that Residents of Jersey don’t have the exact same benefits with regards to health coverage on the mainland of Great Britain than they do at home. In other words, they are advised to get additional Travel Insurance.

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Reciprocal Health Insurance

This, incidentally, works the other way as well: residents of Great Britain are advised to get additional health insurance when they visit Jersey. While there still is a reciprocal agreement concerning health care between Jersey and the U.K., of which it is a Crown dependency, but not an official part, there are a couple of exceptions you should be aware of.

Residents of Jersey qualify for free health care at home and can enjoy emergency health treatment when an accident happens while visiting the U.K.

However, this agreement only covers visitors for stays up to three months and you are required to spend at least two nights in the U.K. if you stay longer (or shorter), you are responsible for your health care costs. Additionally, Repatriation costs aren’t included, which means that if you need to be transported back to your country of Residence, you are fully responsible for those costs. The agreement also does not cover any medical treatments for non-urgent conditions, nor does it cover treatment that can be scheduled on a later date.

Jersey also has agreements with a host of other countries. Those agreements do vary, though, and may or may not include medical treatment at a lower cost in case you become ill or have an accident while abroad.

Again, only urgent medical assistance is covered, the agreement only covers people who are visitors, not people who live or work abroad. Residents of Jersey are advised to get in touch with the Social Security Department with any questions regarding to travelling abroad.

Because of all these exceptions, any Resident of Jersey who wants to visit the U.K. is strongly encouraged to purchase additional Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance Benefits:

  • 24 hour Medical Emergency Assistance
  • Medical & Repatriation Cover
  • Cancellation or Curtailment
  • Personal Baggage and Valuables
  • Winter Sports Cover

Residents of Jersey do not qualify for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), nor is travel to the country covered by that card. Just like Guernsey Residents are responsible for arranging additional health coverage when travelling abroad, foreign visitors to the island are too.

British passports are issued to Residents of Jersey, people who were born in Jersey and people who have parents who were born in Jersey. This British passport of Jersey Residents isn’t exactly the same as a regular British passport, though.

While Jersey Residents are considered to be citizens of the European Union, because the island of Jersey itself is not a part of the European Union, they do not have the same rights of free movement. Jersey residents are advised to always bring their passports when travelling abroad; a regular ID card might not be enough to travel to Europe, for instance.

In practice, however, there won’t be many issues when travelling abroad, these are mere diplomatic regulations. More information can be obtained at your Local Government Office.

Jersey has one Airport, which is the main point of entry and departure on the island. Direct connections are available to and from Guernsey, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Southampton.

Daily Ferries connect Jersey with a variety of places, including France, Guernsey, St. Malo, Poole and Portsmouth.

If you are travelling from Jersey, it is important to purchase Travel Insurance before you leave the country. If it’s just going to be one trip, you will be all set with our Single Trip Travel Insurance policy. Those who plan to do more than one trip a year might want to look at the Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy. In case you’re going away for a longer period of time, consider our Long Stay Travel Insurance policy.

This insurance contract is between you and White Horse Ireland Limited, a company registered in Ireland (Registered Company No. 306045), whose registered office is at Travel House, Free Zone West, Shannon, Co. Clare. White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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