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Gap Year Travel Insurance - JS Travel Insurance

JS Travel Insurance provides Gap Year cover for trips in Europe and Worldwide.

Gap Year Travel Insurance

If you are planning a year away from home, as a break between school and university or even a break before you start working at your first job or you have changed jobs and you want to go away for a break. Gap Year Travel Insurance, which is very popular with students, covers those who are planning a trip for an extended period of time, and can be up to two years in total.

We can insure Residents of the United Kingdom (including the Channel Islands) and the Republic of Ireland.

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How does this policy work?

Gap Year Travel Insurance usually lasts a period of 12 months but can be less or more than this. It is important that you check the actual duration of your trip and unlike an Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy, it is usually cover for the duration of the trip away from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands.

Our Gap Year policies offer the option to travel back to your country of Residents for one short period of time and not usually longer than 14 days.

With most policies, you are able to extend the duration of the cover in the event you wish to stay longer away from home. Our policies can be extended up to 2 years.

Benefits of Gap Year Travel Insurance

The main Benefit is this type of policy can provide cover for you to travel to more than one country and continents, without having to check with your insurer if the cover applies.

Can I get Sports and Activity cover whilst away on a Gap Year?

Gap Year Travel Insurance can offer you the chance to work part of the time you are away from home or for the duration of the months you have decided to away. This work can be as diverse as fruit picking to working in a school or charity in one country or more than one country. This policy can offer a varied number of Sports and Activities, popular with among travellers such as Trekking or Scuba Diving.

One of the advantages of having a Gap Year Travel Insurance policy is that we provide you with a 24 hour emergency telephone number and this helps if you are away one your own for the first time.

A Gap Year Travel Insurance policy is usually targeted at a younger Traveller, usually under the age of 40 years of age. We can also provide cover for other age groups.

Common Exclusions with a Gap Year policy

There are some exclusions to this type of policy. For example, if a country is experiencing civil unrest or is a war zone, travel to these countries will not be covered. Therefore if you change your itinerary, always check with your Travel Insurance provider before making the decision to change countries.

Some basic Sports and Activities will be covered on a Gap Year policy, however some more unusual or dangerous activities might not be covered. Please check your cover details as well as the terms and conditions of the policy.

If you have any Pre Existing Medical Conditions, these may not be covered under a Gap Year policy. However is is crucial that you are honest so that you do not invalidate your cover.

Finding the best Policy

If you are planning to stay for longer than expected, you should consider taking out a policy that can be extended. Our policies can be extended up to a maximum of 2 years.

This insurance contract is between you and White Horse Ireland Limited, a company registered in Ireland (Registered Company No. 306045), whose registered office is at Travel House, Free Zone West, Shannon, Co. Clare. White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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