What Is An EHIC? How Do You Renew The European Health Insurance Card?

Those who are travelling to Europe are being asked to check their European Health Insurance Card to make sure it is still valid, as more than 5 million are due to expire this year.

The European Health Insurance Card gives you the right to free or discounted medical care in all European Union countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Due to BREXIT, it is even more important than ever to renew your card, as there is no confirmation, that the card will be allowed after the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

The cards, that do not substitute Travel Insurance, last for five years and you should apply for a new one, six months before the existing one expires.

Renewal applications can be made online at the EHIC website: www.ehic.org.uk.

You should be careful when searching for EHIC on Google as many of the websites that are at the top of the listings, might charge you for processing your application. It is free if you apply through the EHIC website.

It is important to note that the European Health Insurance Card is not a replacement for Travel Insurance, as it does not  cover Repatriation or Pre Existing Medical Conditions.

It will also not cover extra benefits such as Cancellation or Baggage and Money.

That is why you should have both an European Health Insurance Card as well as a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy.

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