Try To Avoid Sickness Abroad | JS Travel Insurance

You don’t want to spoil your holiday if you become ill and this can be an annoying distraction as well as an inconvenience.

We have put together a number of ways to avoid being ill abroad. Before you book anything, it is a good idea to check the health situation and vaccination requirements of your destination.

To stay health whilst away, we recommend that you take the following measures:

1. Visit your Doctor, if you need to have any vaccinations or you just want to check with them that where you are travelling to is safe and does not have any health restrictions.

2. Take a Travel Insurance policy.  Make sure the policy is one that covers the Activities or Sports that you will be taking part in, as well as a policy that covers medical expenses and repatriation.

3.  Keep your Travel Insurance company details with you at all times, if they have an Emergency Assistance Card, it is best to keep this in your wallet or on you at all times. It is also important to contact them, the moment you feel unwell or an incident takes place and you might need their assistance. JS Travel Insurance provides a 24 / 7 Emergency Assistance number with all our policies.

4. Consider taking a First Aid Kit with you especially if you are doing any Activities or Sports. This can include such items as Aspirin, cotton wool, band aids, insect repellent.

5., Personal hygiene is important, as well as care as to the food and drink you will be having whilst abroad.

6. Pack mosquito repellent, and wear clothing items with long sleeved shirts and trousers to avoid being bitten by mosquitos, especially if you are in tropical climates.

7. Avoid contact with animals that might be carrying rabies or other diseases that could effect your health.

8. Go and see your Doctor on your return in case you felt unwell whilst you were away.

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