Travel Insurance – Gadget Cover

JS Travel Insurance can provide cover for your Gadgets, up to a value of £1,000.

The Gadgets that we can cover are Mobile Phones, iPads and Tablet Computers. We can also provide cover E-Readers, Sat Nav, iPods and MP3 players, CD players, Computer Games Machines and any equipment used with them such as CDs, games, tapes, cassettes or cartridges. Get A Quote

The policy will pay up to £1,000 for the value or cost of repair of your Gadgets (Single Article Limit: £500), which are lost stolen, damaged or destroyed whilst you are away on a trip. Unauthorised calls if your Mobile Phone is stolen up to £75.

We also have a Longstay policy that can cover you when you travel for up to 18 months. This policy can only be issued by calling us 0800 047 5065 or sending us an email:


Most Travel Insurance providers will provide cover of Gadgets, but this is often limited to one item and not more than that. Most people will take more than this whilst travelling such as laptop and mobile phone.

In some cases, some Gadgets such as Mobile Phones are specifically excluded from a Travel Insurance policy.

As usage cover (especially for Mobile Phones) is getting cheaper when travelling overseas, more and more travellers will be taking their devices with them.

If you would like to get a quote for Travel Insurance that includes Gadget cover, please follow the link: Gadget Travel Insurance or call us to get a quote.

The Gadget cover is an option to add after you have been given a quote for Travel Insurance.


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