Make sure you have Travel Insurance for Easter 2018

Easter bunnis one the beach

Going away at Easter for a bit of sun , (Weather forecasts for the UK is that the “Beast from The East” mark 3 is coming !!!!) .

You may be playing in an Amateur Sports Tournament for Football or Rugby , or having a quick break in the United Kingdom.

You might be travelling to Europe to take part in the Easter celebrations.

One in ten Britains  will not be covered with Travel Insurance over the Easter Weekend.  Make sure you have a policy in place.

Travel Insurance Tips for Easter

  1. Book ahead, Travel Agencies, Airlines and Tour Operators often hike their prices at Easter.
  2. Get to the Airport early, as with so many people going away, queues for check in and security can be long and you don’t want to miss your flight. 
  3. If you have Pre Existing Medical Condition make sure you declare it before you book your Travel Insurance.
  4. If you are just going away for the 4 day Easter break you probably won’t need Cancellation or have much Personal Baggage with you, so you can get a cheaper policy,  without Cancellation or Personal Baggage such as the  JS Standard Insurance Policy.
  5. If you are playing in a Sport (Amateur Tournament or Competition) make sure your Travel Insurance has cover for the appropriate Sport or Activity
  6. If you have an Annual Travel Policy for you or your Family , make sure it has not expired or is going to expire whilst you are away.
  7. If you are going to Europe, ensure you have your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Please remember they will expire after 5 years and what with Brexit coming we might not be able to use them.


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Weather Easter 2018  

The forecasts are partly sunny for Majorca averaging 17 or 18 degrees: a bit warmer on the Costa del Sol at 19 to 20 degrees, just about beach weather. Best bet as always is the Canary Islands, averaging about 22 degrees over the 4 days of Easter . Check out all the weather forecasts at .

Easter Celebrations

Many cities in Europe have special Festivals, Fairs and Events that commemorate Easter. In France, where Easter chocolates are popular and they even have chocolate bells for sale in the shops at the Churches on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Children love this !

easter chocloate

Easter in Italy is a big celebration, from the Pope in St Peter’s Square and his blessing, to the Processions across Italy simulating the carrying of the  Virgin Mary and Jesus through the streets of many towns and cities throughout the country to commemorate the crucifixion. 

In Poland, Palm Sunday is very important as is the special colouring of the eggs , this is known as Pisanskis where the eggs are decorated and painted and placed in baskets. Then on Easter Monday there is wet Monday where boys throw water over girls.


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