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Drone Disruption Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance – Drone Disruption

Following the Gatwick incident a few months ago and the drone disruption to flights including hundreds of flight cancellation, it is advisable to check your Travel Insurance policy.

At the end of May 2019, protest group Extinction Rebellion announced their plans to shut down Heathrow Airport for 10 days using Drones.

If you have plans to travel and have yet to purchase a policy, you should look at a policy that will provide you with the correct cover.

When the illegal drones are causing delays and even cancellations of flights, it is a good idea to check with the Airline / Airline Authority directly and find out their policy. They have certain responsibility under the law.

Most policies will not cover Drone Attacks nor any affect they might have on you pre booked flights, travel or accommodation. However, we do have one Specialist Provider who will cover Drone Attacks as part of their Travel Disruption Cover.

The cover will pay for your reasonable additional accommodation and public transport travek expenses (up to the standard of your original booking) so that you may continue your trip, if your trip is disrupted. Travel Disruption is available up to £10,000

Important Terms and Conditions

Any attack or potential attack that was publicly announced prior to you purchasing your Travel Insurance policy or within seven days of booking any trip will not be covered. This means that only the policy we provide that covers Travel Disruption prior to Extension Rebellion’s announcement will be valid. Otherwise, new policies will cover future unknown events.

The public transport on which you are booked muct be cancelled or delayed for at least 12 hours, diverted or redirected aftre take off.

Before you look at claiming under the Travel Insurance policy, you must first seek financial compensation, asistance or a refund of your costs from your travel provider. Under European Union Air Passenger Rights, you are coverd in the event of cancellation or delay of flights if applicable.

These policies are not available online and you would need to call us for a quote.

Abandonment of Trip after a Drone Disruption

After 24 hours of delay at the Airport (after you have checked in) of your outbound journey from your home country you abandon the trip.

If you are planning a Single Trip and you want to have the correct cover in place. All of our policies online will provide you with cover for Abandonment of Trip.

If you plan on several trips in the future, you might want to look at our Annual Multi Trip policies, as you will have this benefit for a year.

If you have any questions or you prefer to speak to someone about the cover we provide, please call us. We are happy to explain the cover to you and provide you with a policy that suits your needs.

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